Backpack-size Explorer 300 Plus with mini solar panel and Explorer 1000 Plus Backpack-size Explorer 300 Plus with mini solar panel and Explorer 1000 Plus

Jackery Broadens Flagship Series With The Introduction of Explorer 300 Plus and Explorer 1000 Plus

In a groundbreaking move, Jackery, a global leader in portable and eco-friendly power solutions, has announced the expansion of its flagship Plus series. The debut, which took place at the IFA 2023 consumer electronics fair in Berlin, introduced the world to the Explorer 300 Plus and Explorer 1000 Plus power stations. These portable energy hubs promise sustainable, reliable power generation, raising the bar for outdoor power solutions.

Portable Solar Generators Built for the Future

The Explorer 300 Plus is designed to be the most compact and lightweight unit in the Plus family, weighing a mere 3.75 kg. Despite its small size, this mini power station boasts an impressive 288 Wh and 300-Watt continuous power output. Tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, it easily fits in a backpack and is ideal for camping trips, picnics, and other adventures.

The unit’s design features a smart rounded casing and a retractable handle. The front panel offers five connection options, including two USB-C ports with 100 watts and 15 watts, a USB-A port with 15 watts, a 12-volt connection, and an earthed socket. What sets this model apart is its innovative 40-watt mini solar module, dubbed the SolarSaga 40 Mini. Waterproof and TÜV-Rheinland certified, the 1.25 kg photovoltaic pad can be folded to a minimal 25 x 30 cm size, yet opens up to catch 97 x 30 cm of solar radiation.

Extended Power Capabilities with Modular Design

The Explorer 1000 Plus is Jackery’s answer to high energy demands, packing a robust 1.26 kWh. The station’s capacity can be expanded up to a whopping 5 kWh with up to three additional battery packs. It operates quietly, emitting ≤30 decibels of noise, and offers seven connection options. With a lifespan exceeding 10 years under daily usage conditions, the Explorer 1000 Plus is not just powerful but also long-lasting.

Included with this model are two 100-watt solar modules, known as SolarSaga 100W, ensuring that users can harness renewable energy efficiently.

Advanced Safety and Monitoring Features

Jackery has put a significant focus on safety and sustainability. The Plus series features 12 BMS algorithms, offering protection against overcurrent, short circuit, deep discharge, overload, overvoltage, and overheating. The brand’s proprietary “ChargeShield” technology ensures fast yet safe charging, even in extreme temperatures up to 45℃. Via a dedicated app, users can monitor the live status of the device, bringing unparalleled transparency to portable power management.

Availability and Special Offers

The Explorer 300 Plus is retailing for £319, but a special promotion on Amazon offers it at £279 until September 11, 2023. The complete set, including the mini solar panel, is priced at £399. The Explorer 1000 Plus comes with a price tag of £1,149. Additional battery packs are available for £739, and the complete solar generator setup, including two SolarSaga 100-Watt modules, is retailing for £1,599.

As an added incentive, Jackery is giving away an 80-watt solar panel with the purchase of the Explorer 1000 Plus and is also including a small Explorer 240 power station as part of the solar generator set.

For more information on these next-generation power solutions, visit Jackery’s official UK website or their Amazon storefront.

With these new products, Jackery is reaffirming its commitment to sustainable, portable power solutions, making renewable energy more accessible than ever.

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