jaam automation and Holcim Group Celebrate Double Triumph at Nintex SIAs

jaam automation is proud to announce their outstanding achievements at the prestigious Nintex Solution Innovation Awards (SIAs), where they secured wins in two distinct categories. The Customer Excellence Awards recognised jaam automation’s partnership with Holcim Group for their exceptional AI-powered CV standardisation solution, while jaam’s Head of Automation, Ernie Hayter, earned an Individual Excellence Award for his remarkable work on the new work and case management solution.

Holcim Group, renowned for its commitment to sustainable construction, embarked on a mission to decarbonise the building industry end-to-end. Employing a workforce of 65,000 individuals spread across EMEA, the Americas, and Asia Pacific, Holcim’s HR team faced the challenge of efficiently generating standardised CVs that adhered to corporate requirements. Collaborating closely with Holcim, jaam automation developed an intelligent automation solution that seamlessly transformed CVs into the required format using Affinda, a cutting-edge AI tool, and a customised Nintex K2 cloud application. The result was a streamlined process that allowed HR managers to bulk upload CVs and drastically reduce the time spent on data capture, benefitting both employees and the company. The innovative solution not only saved time but also empowered the HR team to report on application usage, CV processing statistics, ROI, and regional adoption rates.

Andrés Arias, Group Head of HR Innovation & Transformation at Holcim, expressed his delight at receiving the award, acknowledging the positive impact on their talent-related processes. Andrew Murphy, Head of Strategy at jaam automation, commended the collaboration with Holcim, stating that the automation project exemplified the essence of successful automation by liberating staff to focus on more value-added tasks.

Adding to the celebration was Ernie Hayter’s well-deserved Individual Excellence Award for his instrumental work on jaam’s new work and case management solution. This innovative product has revolutionised productivity, collaboration, and workflows for jaam customers and the broader Nintex community. By enhancing efficiency, accelerating case resolution, and delivering a seamless user experience, the solution has earned high praise.

Ernie expressed gratitude for the recognition and credited the collective effort of the jaam team for the solution’s success, while eagerly anticipating its continued positive impact on customers.

The Nintex Solution Innovation Awards celebrate the achievements of Nintex customers and partners worldwide, recognising their digital transformation accomplishments with the Nintex Process Platform. Amit Mathradas, CEO of Nintex, emphasised the importance of innovation and perpetual curiosity in the era of automation and AI. Nintex takes pride in honoring jaam automation and Holcim Group as exceptional winners in the 2023 Nintex Solution Innovation Award program.

The esteemed award winners were selected by a panel of judges based on nominations submitted by Nintex customers or partners, highlighting process and automation solutions that yielded significant results. Organisations that leverage the powerful Nintex Process Platform, encompassing process mapping, workflow automation, digital forms, RPA, eSignature, and document automation capabilities, were invited to participate in the award program.

To explore more about the Nintex Solution Innovation Awards and view the full list of winning organisations, visit the official website.

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