ID Cards Direct Introduces GreenID Initiative in Celebration of World Earth Day

ID Cards Direct, a prominent supplier of ID cards and accessories, has announced the launch of its new environmental campaign. Coinciding with World Earth Day, the initiative, dubbed ‘GreenID’, will see the company plant a tree for every purchase of an eco-friendly product, reinforcing its commitment to environmental conservation and promoting the adoption of greener alternatives to traditional ID card products.

The GreenID initiative is designed to lessen the environmental impact of both ID Cards Direct and its customers by supporting reforestation projects globally and encouraging the use of eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastic-based ID products. The company has partnered with tree-nation to plant a tree for each sale of an eco-friendly ID card, lanyard, badge holder, or other product from their green range, aiding in the fight against deforestation and climate change.

“We recognise the importance of our corporate responsibility, as well as that of our customers, in addressing environmental challenges,” stated Sophie Buchanan, General Manager at ID Cards Direct. “With the launch of our GreenID initiative, we are taking proactive steps to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable business practices. By planting a tree for every order where eco-friendly products are purchased, we can support our customers in supporting reforestation and environmental conservation. This approach encourages businesses to buy products that are more environmentally friendly and contribute to a great environmental cause at the same time.”

The company is committed to offsetting the carbon emissions from its operations by investing in reforestation efforts, which also helps restore critical forest ecosystems while promoting the use of their more sustainable products.

The GreenID initiative is part of ID Cards Direct’s broader commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Beyond tree planting, the company has adopted various eco-friendly measures, including the use of recycled materials, reduction of waste in their supply chain, and enhancement of energy efficiency across their operations.

Customers who choose eco-friendly products from ID Cards Direct can now contribute to reforestation with every purchase, ensuring that their buying choices help meet their identification needs and support a more sustainable and greener future.

For additional details on ID Cards Direct’s GreenID initiative and their dedication to sustainability, please visit their website or contact

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