Hello™ Clinches £4 Million to Innovate in Personalised Health and Wellness Space

Hailing from Miami, Hello™, a vanguard in custom health and wellness services, is thrilled to declare a triumphant £4 million in self-generated pre-seed funding. This pivotal financial juncture accentuates the company’s dedication to pioneering change in the wellness and weight loss field through its novel GLP-1 medication treatments and an AI-guided platform.

This substantial capital boost propels Hello™ on its quest to innovate within the weight management domain. The company’s unique methodology unites the latest in medical advancements with custom lifestyle tweaks, providing a tailored wellness journey for every individual.

“Our mission statement at Hello™ is to redefine what it means to achieve wellness and weight loss. The confidence shown by our investors enables us to accelerate our mission, enhancing our capabilities to deliver personalized, effective, and science-backed weight loss solutions. We’re not just creating a product; we’re creating a movement towards a healthier future for everyone.”

The funding will be directed towards refining Hello’s bespoke technology, scaling its team of professionals, and broadening its reach to those seeking a scientifically validated, customised weight loss path. Hello™ aims to transcend conventional weight loss solutions, advocating for a transformative shift in lifestyle.

In its preliminary private phase, Hello™ has already evidenced its programme’s success, with a multitude of American clients witnessing significant, lasting weight loss achievements. With the imminent public rollout, the company is poised to broaden its reach, offering its innovative approach to wellness and weight loss to an expanded audience across the country.

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