Futurescool: Pioneering the Future of Education for Tomorrow’s Innovators

The future is rapidly approaching, and on November 13, 2023, Futurescool is set to officially launch with a mission to empower young minds aged 8–18 for success in the 21st century. In a world where traditional education often falls short of preparing children for the evolving technological landscape and dynamic demands of modern life, Futurescool is here to make a difference.

Founded by Tea Sankovic, Futurescool embodies her passion and vision, blending years of teaching experience with a profound understanding of cutting-edge technologies. Recognising the transformative power of emerging technologies like AI, VR, blockchain, and the metaverse, Tea saw the need to prepare young minds for this new landscape. She believes that education should be dynamic, forward-looking, and adaptable to a rapidly changing world.

Futurescool’s after-school program is the first of its kind, merging cutting-edge technology and essential sciences with vital soft skills and personal development. The program equips young minds with the tools necessary for success in education, careers, and personal growth. From mastering AI, quantum computing, blockchain, and the metaverse to honing soft skills like adaptability, leadership, and problem-solving, Futurescool provides a well-rounded curriculum.

Their modules cover a wide range of topics, including cyber security, online safety, financial literacy, creativity, innovation, and renewable energy.

At Futurescool, the aim is to nurture well-rounded individuals who excel academically and possess adaptability, resilience, and creativity to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Traditional education often emphasises academic knowledge and standardised testing, leaving significant gaps in essential soft skills and future-oriented competencies. Futurescool recognises this deficiency and aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and the skills demanded by the modern workforce.

Futurescool’s approach is innovative and dynamic. Developed by tech industry executives and forward-thinking teaching professionals, the program is designed to inspire young minds to become tomorrow’s innovators. With the guidance of Ivy League alumni, Futurescool offers fun and interactive live after-school classes. Their program combines problem-based learning, the case study method from Harvard, and Google’s moonshot framework to provide students with a transformative and immersive learning experience, shaping them into future innovators in a tech-driven world.

Futurescool’s tutors are more than educators; they are partners in your child’s journey towards a brighter future. They understand the unique challenges of the digital age and are committed to providing a safe, inspiring, and dynamic learning environment that fosters growth and curiosity.

Parents, students, and anyone passionate about the future of education are invited to join Futurescool on this exciting adventure starting November 13th, 2023. Together, they aim to prepare the next generation to be leaders, innovators, and visionaries.

Welcome to Futurescool, where the future is being shaped, one skill at a time.

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