Fieldimp Unveils Revolutionary AI ‘Virtual Business Analyst’ Tool to Slash App Specification Costs by 80%

Fieldimp, a Scottish tech startup, has introduced an innovative AI-powered tool named Requiment to tackle a persistent challenge in the technology industry: project delays due to inadequate requirements gathering and management.

Statistics reveal that a staggering 70% of digital transformation projects encounter failure, and a significant portion of these failures (70%) can be attributed to issues with requirements. Even successful projects tend to exceed their budget by an average of 30%.

Requiment emerges as a product born out of Pulsion Technology, a well-established software development company with 28 years of experience in creating numerous software projects. Recognising the pressing need for enhanced requirements definition, Pulsion introduced Requiment, an AI-driven tool designed to revolutionise the landscape of digital transformation endeavors.

Requiment guides users in defining requirements with precision through step-by-step inquiries, ensuring structured and detailed specifications. Harnessing the power of AI, Requiment generates a complete requirements specification document, produces wireframes of the product, and formulates corresponding tasks for the development team. By ensuring clear requirements from the project’s outset, Requiment delivers significant time and cost savings. Its ultimate goal is to enhance the accuracy, agility, efficiency, and overall success rate of software projects.

John McGuire, MD & Founder of Pulsion, emphasises the pivotal role of Requiment: “Issues with scoping and requirements capture are more prevalent than any other aspect of software development projects. Some of these issues can spell doom for the project or even the organisation. We believe Requiment enhances quality, mitigates risk, and saves time and money in this crucial aspect of digital solutions development. Our requirements process time has been cut by 80%, leading to more precise definitions and fewer overruns.”

Requiment is delivered as a user-friendly Software as a Service (SaaS) product, accessible via standard web browsers. Designed to cater to users of all skill levels, it eliminates the need for specialised IT expertise. Whether you’re an experienced software developer or a novice business analyst, Requiment empowers you to navigate projects toward success.

Early adopters of Requiment have lauded its transformative impact, with one user stating: “Very helpful as it made me consider more hidden requirements related to usability, security, and performance. The feature to instantly create wireframes has enabled us to rapidly produce detailed and accurate designs, swiftly achieving consensus on requirements with stakeholders.”

Pulsion Technology has established a separate startup company, Fieldimp, to drive the Requiment product forward and reshape the future of digital transformation. By tackling the root causes of project failures and offering an intuitive AI-driven solution, Requiment opens avenues for streamlined collaboration, reduced ambiguity, and heightened efficiency in software projects.

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