Eternity Technologies Introduces the Revolutionary QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery for Motive Power Applications

Eternity Technologies, a frontrunner in the industrial battery sector, is excited to unveil its latest innovation, the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery, specifically designed for the motive power industry.

Employing state-of-the-art technology, Eternity Technologies is once again at the forefront of setting new standards within the industry with its premium product line expansion. The QUASAR Gel Battery range emerges as a game-changer in performance, merging VRLA Gel technology with the latest Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) advancements. The QUASAR Gel battery is distinguished by its superior Deep Cycle performance, complemented by the capability for opportunity charging and enhanced charging speed.

The QUASAR Gel batteries provide a hassle-free solution, being maintenance free and valve regulated, thereby negating the necessity for topping up and any field maintenance. The QUASAR positive plate features state-of-the-art Thin Tube technology, enhancing energy density and discharge performance, and is equipped with an industry-leading phenolic resin separator, designed to withstand rigorous operational demands and offering outstanding oxidation resistance.

The standout characteristics of the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery include the integration of carbon nanotubes, enabling Eternity Technologies to achieve unparalleled conductivity and robustness. This ensures peak performance even under the most challenging conditions.

With a commitment to environmental stewardship, the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery is eco-friendly and entirely recyclable, ensuring a minimal environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

Following the success of the QUASAR Motive Battery, the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery further simplifies operations by eliminating routine maintenance, thereby offering effortless usage and a reduction in overall ownership costs.

Dr Mark Stevenson, CEO at Eternity Technologies, stated: “Our QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery represents a significant milestone in our ongoing quest to deliver innovative and sustainable battery solutions to the motive power market.

“With its advanced technology and maintenance-free design, the QUASAR Gel Battery offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and environmental responsibility, empowering our customers to achieve their operational goals.”

Eternity Technologies continues to lead in the advancement of battery technology, striving for a more sustainable and efficient future for global industries.

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