Enreach Unveils New Enreach Contact App Suite

Europe’s premier provider of converged contact solutions, Enreach, has announced its innovative Enreach Contact App Suite. This suite, comprising an enhanced Desktop App, new Mobile Apps for iOS and Android, and an embedded Teams App, is set to revolutionize European businesses’ communication strategies.

The Enreach Contact App Suite, which integrates Enreach’s sophisticated voice and call control features with Microsoft Teams’ collaboration functions, represents a significant advancement in operational efficiency and digital transformation support for businesses. Scheduled for customer availability in early 2024, the App Suite offers effortless access to vital communication and productivity tools across various locations and devices.

“In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, Enreach remains committed to empowering businesses with seamless and intuitive solutions. The new Enreach Contact App Suite illustrates this by providing unified user experiences for both mobile and desktop settings and boosting productivity with advanced integration options. We are focused on offering solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also user-centric, ensuring that every interaction through Enreach Contact is a step towards greater efficiency,” stated Koen van Geffen, CTO of Enreach.

Martin Classen, CPO of Enreach, added, “The new App Suite aligns with Enreach’s strategy to deliver seamlessly integrated contact solutions, driven by the increasing demand for truly unified solutions blending UCaaS, CCaaS, connectivity, and more. Based on today’s customer behaviours and needs, where everyone wants to work from anywhere at any time, this new App Suite meets all the requirements for integrating communication into business processes. It also connects with frequently used tools like Microsoft Teams and over one hundred CRM systems, and offers seamless mobile connectivity that allows users to easily transition between fixed and mobile networks.”

Slated for launch in early 2024, the Enreach Contact App Suite is currently in field tests.

Enreach Contact, Enreach’s scalable UCaaS solution, combines voice, chat, video, sophisticated call management features, AI capabilities, and fixed and mobile connectivity. Tailored for the digital transformation needs of businesses, Enreach Contact facilitates smoother communication, seamless integration, and accessible remote work for everyone.

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