Enreach Unveils Comprehensive Industry Analysis on AI-Enhanced Customer Experience Trends

UC and Contact Centre Expert Blair Pleasant Shares Insights for Streamlining Customer Service Operations

Enreach, a rapidly expanding provider of converged contact solutions in Europe, has released an in-depth analysis focusing on the integration of automation and AI-powered tools within customer service ecosystems. The report, titled “The Emergence of Automation and AI for Customer Service,” is authored by renowned industry analyst Blair Pleasant, President of COMMFusion, a U.S.-based market research and consulting firm. This document is available free of charge to businesses and channel partners interested in incorporating advanced automation tools to enhance their customer engagement capabilities.

Sponsored by Enreach, the report delves into the current landscape of customer service and addresses the challenges that businesses encounter in meeting the expectations of customers who seek a blend of efficient self-service solutions and traditional live agent support. The paper assesses the effectiveness of various foundational AI-driven technologies, including chatbots, speech recognition technology, and machine learning capabilities. Real-world deployment examples are provided to showcase how European enterprises are successfully harnessing automation to elevate customer service and reshape traditional business models.

Anne Bakker, Head of Enreach AI, emphasised the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence on business operations, particularly its transformative role in enhancing customer service. Bakker stated, “The introduction of Artificial Intelligence is having a profound effect on all aspects of business operations, and the impact is especially significant in the way it is improving the delivery of customer service. We are delighted to recruit Blair Pleasant to assist us in educating the market on the enormous enhancements AI can bring to customer experiences, as well as the operational benefits it brings to companies of all sizes. Blair has been closely studying the use of AI since it first entered the market, and her analysis will certainly be welcomed by companies that recognise the value of keeping their customer base satisfied and loyal.”

Blair Pleasant serves as the President and Chief Analyst of COMMFusion, boasting two decades of experience in aiding technology vendors, channel partners, investors, and enterprises in leveraging disruptive technologies and innovations. Her expertise spans primary and secondary research, competitive analysis, strategic planning, and go-to-market development. Pleasant is a frequent contributor to leading industry publications such as No Jitter and BC Strategies, and she is a sought-after speaker at major industry events, including Enterprise Connect and UC Expo.

Pleasant noted, “We are experiencing a transformation in the way businesses are now engaging customers, and AI is at the heart of this seismic shift,” explained Pleasant. “It enables companies to reimagine the customer journey, and provide a varied array of touch points—through both self-service and live agent interactions—that improve the customer experience while also reducing operating costs. Enreach has been a leader in promoting the use of AI in customer service environments. I am delighted to work with them on this project.”

For access to the white paper, please click here.

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