Efficient Ether Ltd. Launches Groundbreaking Global Channel Program Featuring EtherAssist AI

Efficient Ether Ltd., a dynamic startup established in June 2023, has introduced its global Channel Program, highlighted by the integration of its cutting-edge AI technology, EtherAssist. This initiative is designed to expand the company’s distribution network and enhance its IT partnerships globally.

EtherAssist, an AI-driven technical assistant, is tailored for IT professionals to boost productivity and streamline operations. It supports a range of tasks including troubleshooting, documentation, technical validation, and ensures high standards of data security through features like data leak prevention and sensitive data redaction. The system is built for easy integration with existing IT frameworks and offers access through a web browser, API, and PowerShell module, facilitating direct AI incorporation into systems.

Ryan Mangan, CEO of Efficient Ether, shared insights on the program’s objectives: “Our goal was to create a Channel Program that not only simplifies the onboarding process but also provides a frictionless transaction experience. We are excited to offer a platform that not only meets these objectives but also supports our partners comprehensively. As a company focused on channel-centric solutions, it is important that our offerings deliver substantial value, saving time and resources.”

The EtherAssist Partner Portal streamlines the partner experience with an efficient billing system and instant access to AI solutions. The program is adaptable, offering monthly and pay-as-you-go plans to suit various end-user needs while emphasizing data security.

Colin Wright, a seasoned advisor at EfficientEther, commented, “From the program’s inception, our aim was to deliver Efficient Ether’s innovative technologies to the channel, providing unique and profitable solutions. EtherAssist fills a significant gap in the AI market and adheres to the highest standards of data protection.”

In less than a year, Efficient Ether has established a robust security framework, joined the Microsoft Program for Startups, expanded its leadership team, and secured key industry certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. The launch of EtherAssist and recent achievements such as ISO 42001 practices and the Cyber Essentials certification underscore the company’s commitment to excellence and industry compliance.

Efficient Ether encourages all potential channel partners and distributors to discover the benefits of this innovative program and to register through the EtherAssist Partner Portal at https://assist.efficientether.co.uk/msp.

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