Detego Global’s Media Acquisition Tool Named Finalist in Distinguished 2023 SC Awards

Detego Global, the visionary minds behind the lauded Unified Digital Forensics Platform, have proudly announced the recognition of their Media Acquisition tool as a finalist in the illustrious 26th annual SC Awards, specifically under the esteemed “Best Computer Forensic Solution” category. Notably regarded as a pinnacle within the cybersecurity landscape, the SC Awards symbolise a commendation of cutting-edge technologies and individuals catalysing progress within the sector.

Following an exhaustive evaluation process carried out by an esteemed panel of industry luminaries hailing from diverse sectors including financial services, consulting, healthcare, and manufacturing, the Media Acquisition tool from Detego Global secured a distinguished spot among the top five finalists vying for this coveted accolade.

This nomination marks the second in 2023 for Detego Global, underscoring their ongoing commitment to pioneering excellence. The brand has now amassed a total of four nominations within the past two years. Their pioneering Ballistic Imager tool, renowned for achieving record-breaking data extraction speeds, stood as a finalist in the same coveted category last year. Additionally, Detego Global’s “Field Triage” and “Analyse” tools earned the distinction of being finalists for the UK Security and Policing Innovation Awards in both 2022 and 2023.

Integrated within the acclaimed, a relied-upon resource for military, law enforcement, and corporate investigators tackling grave offenses such as fraud, child exploitation, terrorism, and human trafficking, the Media Acquisition tool is celebrated for its proficiency in streamlining the gathering and scrutiny of critical data from diverse sources, simultaneously.

Engineered to address the escalating demand for swifter and more in-depth analytics, as well as greater on-site versatility to counter the mounting backlog within digital investigations, the Media Acquisition tool empowers investigators with real-time insights to expedite decision-making. This tool allows investigators to preview live data captures and receive immediate visual alerts regarding items of interest through a globally patented red-amber-green visual alert system, thereby facilitating swift on-site evaluations, evidence triage, and minimising reliance on specialised teams and resources.

Highly portable and easily deployable on the field and in laboratories, the tool comes armed with guided workflows, potent data carving capabilities, intelligent automation, and intrinsic analytics, enabling even newcomers to conduct thorough and forensically sound investigations across any setting.

Andy Lister, the Managing Director at Detego Global, expressed his elation, stating, “We are once again elated to be designated as a finalist for the esteemed SC Awards. This recognition among the cybersecurity realm’s most pioneering entities underscores our unwavering commitment to revolutionising the digital investigations arena through offerings that cater to our customers and contribute to safer communities.”

According to Tom Spring, the SC Media Editorial Director at CyberRisk Alliance, the technologies and strategies embodied by the entrants for this award vividly mirror the remarkable innovation within the cybersecurity sphere this year. Spring commented, “This year’s cohort of finalists reflects the resilience and agility of solutions deployed by network defenders to shield assets amidst an ever-shifting threat landscape.”

The eagerly awaited winners shall be unveiled during the SC Awards week, slated to commence on August 21, 2023. The comprehensive coverage shall encompass “Winner’s Circle” roundtable discussions, candid on-camera interviews featuring the SC Media team and the award honorees, as well as profound insights into the profiles of the winners.

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