Detego Global Revolutionises Digital Evidence Analysis with Unveiling of Analyse AI+

Detego Global, renowned provider of cutting-edge digital forensic software solutions, proudly presents the launch of Detego Analyse AI+. This latest release signifies a significant advancement in Detego’s central analytical platform, integrating state-of-the-art AI technology to empower investigators and expedite the analysis of crucial evidence.

Detego Analyse AI+ takes the investigator-centric capabilities of Detego Analyse to unparalleled heights, solidifying its position as the go-to solution for on-scene and lab-based investigators in the corporate, military, and law enforcement sectors. Analyse AI+ introduces a suite of groundbreaking tools, including AI-powered semantic search, rapid identification of similar images and patterns, lightning-fast AI audio/video transcription, as well as real-time translation and transcription of audio and video evidence.

In addition to these cutting-edge features, Detego Analyse AI+ maintains its industry-leading functionalities that investigators rely upon, such as advanced AI-powered object detection, multi-language OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and offline document translation from over 230 languages into English.

One of the notable features of Detego Analyse AI+ is its advanced semantic search, which saves investigators hours of manual data sifting by harnessing AI to search for broader concepts and contexts within images and videos. This tool greatly surpasses the limitations of keyword searches and enables investigators to pinpoint sophisticated concepts like “individuals wearing masks and wielding automatic weapons in nocturnal London,” “narcotic transactions in a specific brand’s black sports car,” “screenshots containing customer account details,” “distressed children,” and “uniformed teams brandishing flags with symbols related to terrorism.”

The solution also provides investigators with the ability to swiftly scan evidence for similar images by uploading a reference image or utilising the “show similar” feature on existing images. This functionality facilitates accurate matching of specific locations, signs, movements, objects, as well as unique patterns or designs in tattoos, wallpapers, graffiti, or clothing—all accomplished within seconds.

Another groundbreaking feature is Detego Analyse AI+’s rapid AI transcription functionality, which precisely transcribes and indexes words from various audio and video files, including voice notes, voicemails, video messages, and social media posts and stories. With transcription speeds surpassing 1,000 words per minute, this feature eliminates the need for manual review of extensive audio/video recordings and empowers investigators to identify relevant data by utilising advanced text and keyword matching capabilities on the indexed data.

Cross-border and international investigations are further bolstered by the new AI-powered translation capabilities. In addition to the offline document translation capabilities from over 230 languages into English through Detego Analyse, Analyse AI+ allows investigators to translate and transcribe audio/video content from over 50 languages, including Arabic, Swahili, and Russian, into English in real-time. This new feature plays a crucial role in enabling investigators to efficiently analyse and extract critical information that might otherwise go unnoticed due to limited access to translation capabilities.

Analyse AI+ also empowers investigators to unveil hidden files using enhanced compound file steganography, provides improved evidence management features, and offers enhanced tag management capabilities for better organisation and control of evidence. Users can now save filters specific to exhibits or make them universally available, ensuring seamless and consistent filtering across investigations.

The new release also introduces various other enhancements, including optimised video frame processing, improved support for GrayKey extractions, and enhanced support for MSAB imports, stemming from the successful technological partnership with MSAB.

Sharing his thoughts on this groundbreaking release, Andy Lister, Managing Director of Detego Global, stated, “We are incredibly excited to launch Analyse AI+. With multiple global technology patents for solutions like Ballistic Imager and Field Triage, we have demonstrated our commitment to delivering innovative technology that empowers investigators in combating crime more effectively. The release of Analyse AI+ is no exception. This release is a testament to our ability to work closely with our customers and experts within the digital forensics community to develop new tools that overcome their investigative challenges.”

Earlier this year, the previous version of Detego Analyse received recognition as a finalist for the UK’s Security and Policing Innovation Award, lauded for its application of AI technology, user-friendly interface, and workflow automation, resulting in increased productivity. While the unique technology embedded in the solution is valued at thousands of dollars, Detego Analyse AI+ remains one of the few comprehensive digital forensic analytical tools provided free of charge. Investigators who purchase the company’s sought-after data extraction tools will gain free access to Detego Analyse AI+. These tools include Ballistic Imager, the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool; Field Triage, which enables rapid yet accurate triage; Media Acquisition, facilitating simultaneous analysis and acquisition of data from multiple sources; and Detego MD, the mobile forensic tool powered by GMD SOFT, providing insights from thousands of phone models, apps, smart devices, and more.

Analyse AI+ represents only a portion of Detego Global’s extensive product roadmap, designed to empower digital investigators in the military, law enforcement, and corporate sectors with cutting-edge solutions that eliminate backlogs and expedite the delivery of justice.

To learn more about Detego Analyse AI+ and its features, or to experience its capabilities firsthand through a fully-functional 30-day trial, visit

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