CRB Cunninghams Launches Online Payment App for UK Schools

CRB Cunninghams, suppliers of cashless catering, online payment, and ID management solutions to UK schools, has recently announced the launch of the new iPayimpact online payment app. This app is designed to provide parents with a simpler way to pay for all school items directly from their mobile phones.

Over 460,000 UK parents utilise CRB Cunninghams’ iPayimpact online payment system to handle all school payments online. In response to an overwhelming demand from schools, including over 80,000 Google searches for ‘school online payment app’ in the past two years from users seeking a simpler way for parents to pay for school items via mobile phones, CRB Cunninghams has launched the iPayimpact app.

The iPayimpact app offers a convenient solution for parents to pay for all school items, including meals, trips, clubs, and more, anytime and anywhere, providing a modern approach to managing school payments that aligns with how parents handle out-of-school purchases.

In addition to on-the-go payments, the iPayimpact app allows parents to view all their children’s online payment accounts in one place, top up their accounts using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or card payments, and manage consent forms.

Tom Wheeler, Product Owner at CRB Cunninghams, commented:

“Whilst parents may not be our direct customers, their experience with iPayimpact is crucial for a successful school payment offering. With over 90% of online time now spent on mobile apps, creating a dedicated app for parents was a clear choice.

Our goal is to ensure that parents experience a simple, fast, and reliable service anytime, anywhere. This launch is a major step in our mission to set the standard for parental experience in the market.”

The app can be downloaded from the Google or Apple Play Store by iPayimpact customers. Schools interested in the app can request more information about iPayimpact from CRB Cunninghams.

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