CareHawk Unveils Spotlight: A Game-Changer in School Communication and Crisis Management

CareHawk, an esteemed producer of Life Safety Communication systems, is delighted to announce the launch of Spotlight, a cutting-edge software suite poised to transform mass notification and emergency response protocols.

Spotlight significantly augments the capabilities of the CH2000IP and CH1000 platforms, revolutionising how educational institutions manage emergency communications across multiple campuses and at the district level. It streamlines daily interactions between schools and district offices, enhancing the safety and efficiency of learning environments for both educators and students.

Rami Michael, CEO of CareHawk, stated: “With Spotlight, we address the growing need to automate and connect school emergency response, at the local school level, between schools in proximity to each other, as well as district offices and first responders. We understand that seconds count and lives can be saved when emergency response is immediate, automated, and reaches all the right people at the right time. That’s the challenge we have addressed with Spotlight.”

Spotlight introduces several pioneering features that redefine safety and communication in educational settings. Notably, the multisystem functionality of the CH2000IP and CH1000 Platforms, powered by Spotlight, allows for instantaneous priority paging across district zones from any connected site. Additionally, school leaders can now initiate intercom calls to any networked endpoint or administrative phone, facilitating comprehensive communication within and between schools.

The automation of emergency protocols, particularly in lockdown scenarios, represents Spotlight’s most significant advancement in life safety technology. With a single button press, schools can automate what once required multiple frantic calls and manual coordination, thereby notifying neighbouring schools, the district office, and emergency services instantaneously and saving vital seconds during emergencies.

Another key feature is the centralised management of calendars and bell schedules, which streamlines administrative tasks by enabling remote updates from a central district office, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly in-person adjustments.

For schools already utilising the CH1000 system, integrating Spotlight with an added CH2000IP module can substantially upgrade their emergency response capabilities, including live communication and central calendar adjustments.

Rami Michael further commented: “Enabling thousands of our CH1000 school customers to enhance their existing investment, while offering a clear migration path to the future of true IP-based technology, was a top priority for us. Our customer-centric innovation roadmap and industry-leading engineering capabilities set us apart in the marketplace. Our holistic approach to emergency response and everyday communications empowers our schools to navigate the increasingly complex future of life safety communications.

“By significantly expanding the communication choices accessible to educational institutions, this integration will improve their capacity to respond successfully to various events.”

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