Becrypt Unveils APP-XD: A Cutting-Edge High Assurance Cross Domain Solution

Becrypt has recently introduced its latest innovation, APP-XD, a state-of-the-art High Assurance Cross Domain Solution (CDS) that revolutionises secure connectivity for services across high-threat networks, utilising standard APIs (Application Programming Interface). With APP-XD, organisations operating in critical national infrastructure sectors can now safeguard their most vital services while also driving infrastructure modernisation.

Traditionally, safeguarding high-threat networks with cross domain solutions incurred substantial costs and complexities due to the one-way file-transfer model that underpinned CDS technology. However, APP-XD marks a significant departure by bringing modern development and DevOps practices into the realm of CDS. This approach empowers High Assurance network architectures with enhanced flexibility and agility.

Dr. Bernard Parsons, CEO at Becrypt, emphasised the significance of this advancement, stating, “APP-XD introduces a paradigm shift in the world of CDS by embracing modern development and DevOps practices, enabling organisations to embrace flexibility and agility without compromising on security. This is a game-changer for protecting high-threat networks.”

Key Features and Benefits of APP-XD:

· Controlled Connectivity: APP-XD facilitates secure connections to critical network services from less-trusted environments, ensuring robust protection of sensitive information.

· Hardware-Based Validation: The solution offers Hardware-based (HardSec) validation of network traffic, adding an additional layer of assurance to thwart potential threats.

· Encryption for Enhanced Security: APP-XD employs hardware-based encryption for messaging and application protection, fortifying data security across the network.

A notable shift accompanies the introduction of APP-XD. It moves network defence from relying solely on anomaly detection to an assured network protection approach. By validating all network traffic through hardware-based methods, APP-XD raises the bar for safeguarding high-threat networks.

APP-XD is set to be available from September 23. For those interested in learning more about this cutting-edge solution, visit

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