Amazon Filters Enhances Cybersecurity Measures with 98% Security Automation via CloudGuard MXDR

In response to the escalating cyber threats targeting the manufacturing sector, Amazon Filters, a leading UK-based bespoke filtration technology manufacturer, has bolstered its cybersecurity defences through a strategic alliance with CloudGuard’s Protect Plus MXDR service.

Faced with the limitations of conventional security approaches and spurred by ransomware attacks on their industry peers, Amazon Filters embarked on a thorough reassessment of their cybersecurity framework, culminating in the adoption of CloudGuard’s MXDR solution.

“The threat landscape is evolving rapidly, and it’s imperative for organisations to adapt,” remarked Amazon Filters’ IT Manager. “CloudGuard’s MXDR service has been a game-changer for Amazon Filters. From providing a clear roadmap for cybersecurity improvement to seamlessly integrating with our existing infrastructure, it’s been a transformative experience.”

The Managed eXtended Detection and Response (MXDR) service by CloudGuard pioneers a proactive stance in cybersecurity, amalgamating security data, employing artificial intelligence for detection, and facilitating automated threat analysis and resolution. The service’s smooth integration with Amazon Filters’ Microsoft-focused infrastructure provides immediate insight into potential security threats across their operations.

“The deployment of CloudGuard’s MXDR service marked a significant milestone in Amazon Filters’ cybersecurity journey,” the IT Manager commented. “Automation is at the heart of CloudGuard’s Protect Plus MXDR service, which has only strengthened our security posture but also saved us time and resources.”

A remarkable 98% of alerts were enriched or resolved through automation over a 90-day assessment period, translating to a considerable time saving of at least 52 days compared to manual processing of these alerts. The ongoing support from CloudGuard post-deployment has further cemented Amazon Filters’ trust in the MXDR service.

“With CloudGuard as our security partner, we feel confident in our ability to navigate the evolving threat landscape and protect our business effectively,” the IT Manager added.

Looking ahead, Amazon Filters views CloudGuard’s adaptable approach as pivotal in meeting their changing security requirements, solidifying CloudGuard’s role in their cybersecurity strategy moving forward.

By partnering with CloudGuard and implementing the Protect Plus MXDR service, Amazon Filters has not only enhanced its security framework but has also embraced automation as a fundamental element of its security protocol, ensuring robust protection for its digital infrastructure, data, and business continuity.

For more information about CloudGuard’s MXDR service, visit CloudGuard’s website or read the full case study here.

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