2023 Technology Awards: Honouring Tech Industry Leaders and Innovators

The 2023 Technology Awards, an esteemed event showcasing breakthroughs and leadership in the tech industry, have announced this year’s distinguished winners and finalists. These awards celebrate the extraordinary contributions and achievements of both companies and individuals who are at the forefront of technological innovation, shaping the future of diverse sectors with their tech solutions.

2023 Technology Awards Winners

  • Resurgence Novels – Best Multi-National Tech Team
  • All about Laptops Ltd – CEO or Director of the Year – Technology
  • Fairtech Solutions – Best Educational Technology
  • smartKYC – AI Technology of the Year
  • ebb3 – Best Tech Innovation
  • Inno Technologies Limited – Most Accessible Technology
  • FormationData – Disruptive Technology of The Year

2023 Technology Awards Finalists

  • Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd. – Best Multi-National Tech Team
  • Concealed Clues – Best Educational Technology
  • Resurgence Novels – Disruptive Technology of the Year
  • Fairtech Solutions – CEO or Director of the Year – Technology, Finalist
  • Ortharize – Best Tech Innovation, Most Accessible Technology
  • Confluent – AI Technology of the Year, Best Financial Technology
  • Neat Digital – Tech Visionary Award
  • Inno Technologies Limited – Tech Visionary Award

2023 Technology Awards Individual Award Winners & Finalists

  • Winner: Matthew Blakemore, AI Caramba! – Tech Visionary Award

The 2023 Technology Awards emphasise the exceptional contributions and progressive thinking within the tech industry. These awards shine a light on the innovative spirit and commitment of both the winners and finalists, showcasing their essential role in driving technological advancements and making a significant impact across various sectors.

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