Viral Sensation: Man Creates Unconventional Edible Sunglasses from McMuffins and Digestive Biscuits

In a display of creative ingenuity, a man by the name of Jack Spencer has taken the fashion world by storm with his distinctive and, quite literally, mouthwatering eyewear creations.

Jack Spencer, a 36-year-old designer hailing from Cornwall, has given new meaning to the mantra of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” through his quirky and unconventional fashion trend—sunglasses crafted from leftover McMuffins.

In addition to his unique McMuffin eyewear, Jack has also dabbled in creating eyeglasses from Digestive and Nice biscuits. While these delectable fashion statements are not available for purchase, they have garnered considerable attention and affection from admirers.

Jack’s foray into the world of viral fame began on TikTok, where he showcased his series of food-related eyewear creations. One particular video has amassed a staggering 4.9 million views and garnered 550,000 likes.

However, Jack is quick to admit that these one-of-a-kind pieces come with their own set of challenges and peculiarities. Speaking to, he shared, “The egg McMuffin meal glasses were very greasy and a little smelly. They are wearable but are so uncomfortable and impractical because of the waft. I looked like a greasy billboard, as I also had a hash brown swinging from the shades below my chin.”

He continued, “I created these weird and wonderful spectacles as an elaborate way of getting people to see my other videos. People seem to love the novelty designs, though, especially the Digestive biscuits. They are much more comfortable to wear than the Nice biscuit shades, and the over-the-head connection was surprisingly effective. Even though people have requested these glasses to be developed further, I’d rather spend my time on some other whacky projects.”

For the McMuffin sunglasses, Jack ingeniously inserted brass wire through the bread and incorporated bits of chain to suspend a hash brown beneath the chin, securing the glasses in place with an elastic head strap.

In his viral video, Jack provides a step-by-step guide to crafting the Digestive biscuit eyewear. He begins by arranging four of the sweet treats on a baking sheet and then pours resin over them to solidify the frames. Given the biscuits’ innate ability to absorb tea, they serve this purpose remarkably well. Jack then proceeds to outline the lens shape and employs various sawing tools to perfect it. Finally, he affixes the lenses into the center of the biscuit and assembles the entire piece, showcasing the surprisingly fashionable result.

The video’s comments section has been flooded with reactions, including a request from Specsavers: “Can you make some using chocolate digestives?” To which another viewer added, “Perfect accompaniment to my custard cream waistcoat.”

One user cleverly coined them “Digesticals,” while Yorkshire Tea humorously asked, “Are they still suitable to dunk? Have you just invented dunkable sunglasses?”

Comparing Jack’s creation to the legendary Elton John, one viewer playfully remarked, “Elton John in another universe.”

Amidst the witty comments, one user astutely noted, “That’s a lot to digest.”

Jack’s passion for eyewear goes way back to his teenage years when he toiled for months in a chip shop to afford his cherished pair of Oakley Splice Jackets. Driven by his innate creativity, he eventually began crafting his own sunglasses from denim. Over the past twelve years, he has fashioned thousands of these unique designs.

Jack’s eyewear creations have been met with such acclaim that he founded his own company, Mosevic, which has gained popularity worldwide.

Reflecting on his journey, Jack remarked, “I’ve made thousands of sunglasses to date now, and I have lots of ideas for the future. I’m proud of all I have achieved, as it hasn’t been quick or easy. I only do marketing through social media, but to keep things interesting and to entertain people, I decided to try out the food glasses. They may not be practical, but they sure are a treat for the eyes.”

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