Urban Explorer Stumbles Upon Eerie Abandoned Dentist’s Office Filled with Dental Artifacts

An urban explorer recently uncovered a spine-chilling abandoned dentist’s office in Ontario, Canada, brimming with dental equipment, x-ray machines, dental moulds, and even jars of human teeth. The deserted office had been forced to close down due to a landlord dispute, causing neighboring shops to follow suit.

Despite the closure, the property’s electricity remained functional, and a significant portion of the equipment was still in working order. Dave, known as “Freaktography,” shared his extraordinary discovery online, amassing over 1,100 views from intrigued followers.

Dave, hailing from Ontario, Canada, remarked, “There was so much stuff left behind, such as dental tools, moulds, and a jar of teeth. I would have never imagined that a dentist’s office being closed and left abandoned would contain so much stuff! There were boxes upon boxes of these cast moulds, everywhere. All of the dental tools, chairs, x-ray equipment… a truly weird experience.”

Among the most striking discoveries were hundreds of dental moulds, which dentists are legally required to maintain for meticulous records. Many of these moulds appeared to be in usable condition, having been specifically created for patients’ dental impressions.

Dave’s exploration revealed that everything in the office remained in its original place, including medical equipment, spare dentist chairs, and imaging machines gathering dust.

Upon sharing his findings on social media, viewers were shocked by the collection of spare teeth. One individual expressed their apprehension, stating, “I have a huge phobia of dentists. I thought I would be OK with it, right, it’s abandoned… until I heard the drill. Ugh! Great find though. Many thanks for sharing.”

Another viewer remarked on the eerie nature of the teeth, while someone else suggested repurposing the dental x-rays for Halloween decorations.

In summary, an urban explorer made a spine-tingling discovery of an abandoned dentist’s office filled with dental artifacts, sparking both fascination and dread among viewers.

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