UFO Enthusiast Claims Alien Spaceships Recharging on Mountain Landing Strip

UFO expert Baby Trujillo has sparked intrigue with his claim that alien spaceships use a mountainous landing strip for recharging. This theory emerged following sightings of three unidentified flying objects in the Peruvian town of Ambo, located in the Andes Mountains.

The local community was puzzled by the sight of bright, unexplained lights in the sky. While conversing with his son’s teacher, one resident observed what appeared to be a UFO joined by two smaller crafts, forming a triangular formation before heading towards a distant mountain.

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Intrigued, Trujillo ventured into the mountains, discovering a grassy plateau ringed by large rocks. Here, he found an unusual black rock-like object, which he believes is composed of a strange material potentially linked to a portal or a past visitation by a spacecraft.

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Trujillo suggests that the UFOs are drawn to this area to recharge their energy, pointing to magnetic and energetic points nearby.

Supporting his theory, Trujillo references several archaeological findings nearby, including cave paintings and rock figures, which he interprets as evidence of ancient Peruvians’ encounters with extraterrestrial beings. He notes that these artworks depict figures with elongated heads and three or four fingers, dissimilar to human characteristics.

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This area has long been a centre for purported UFO sightings, with many locals reporting encountering unusual luminous objects in the Andean skies.

Trujillo’s assertions add to the ongoing fascination and debate surrounding UFO phenomena and the possibility of extraterrestrial visits to Earth.

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