Peruvian Villagers Report Attacks by 7ft Armoured Aliens Resembling Green Goblin from Spider-Man

Terrified villagers in a rural district of Alto Nanay, north-east of Lima, Peru, claim they are under attack by 7ft tall armoured aliens that bear a striking resemblance to the Green Goblin from Spider-Man. According to the locals, these extraterrestrial beings have large heads and yellowish eyes, and they have been launching nightly attacks on the community since 11 July.

One alarming incident involved a 15-year-old girl who was reportedly grabbed from behind and had her neck cut when she resisted. The community members are living in fear, unable to sleep peacefully due to the constant threat.

The allegations have been made by members of the Ikitu indigenous people, who have described the aliens as being immune to their hunting weapons. The villagers are now urging the Peruvian military to intervene and protect them from these interstellar intruders. They claim that the aliens wear protective armour and have unique floating abilities, using round-shaped shoes with a red light on the heel.

Community leader Jairo Reátegui Ávila stated, “These gentlemen are aliens. They appear to be armoured like the Green Goblin from Spider-Man. I shot one of them twice and he wasn’t injured; he rose and disappeared. We’re very frightened about what’s happening here in our community.”

The villagers have taken matters into their own hands by conducting night patrols to hunt down the alien attackers. They have requested military presence from the authorities, but reaching the remote community from Iquitos City requires a challenging 10-hour river trip.

Some villagers have likened the aliens to “pelacaras,” strange beings believed to feast on human fat and organs.

Authorities have visited the area and toured the village perimeter, including the location of the alleged attack on the teenager. However, it is unclear if any evidence was found to support the villagers’ claims or if the government plans to deploy military personnel to the area for an extended period.

The Ikitu community, according to a 2017 national census, comprises approximately 1,350 people. The situation remains tense as the villagers seek protection and answers amid the unexplained attacks by these mysterious and seemingly impervious aliens.

  1. Indigenous people uh? But they access to a movie theater in the jungle. The leader of the tribe said ” it looked like the green goblin from the Spiderman movies” I call BS

  2. Too bad the villagers don’t know these beings are demonic entities and can be overcome by commanding them to leave in the name of Jesus… seriously! When ANY of these so-called aliens are confronted by a Christian who knows there’s power and authority in His name, even here in the States, they FLEE in terror and don’t come back!

  3. The U.S. government is evidently testing the next “crisis” on innocent Peruvians. These are not aliens. They are humans in outfits and they CAN be killed.

  4. THESE aliens can be stopped,BUT YOU NEED THE LORD JESUS CHRISTS HELP,call on him,they can’t do anything to our dear LORD…he can turn them into vapor,or just make them drop dead…CALL ON THE LORD JESUS…..

  5. I really believe these folks..>>> These aliens are getting more aggressive all the time….and I believe they are about to show themselves in the open, pretty soon..>>
    ,,,,The military down there need to bring in 30-06 & 308 caliber rifles, and Machine guns,and not the punny 223/AR type rifles..,,,,Let’s get cracking!….Caliber 50. would d the trick too.

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