Pastor Locks Himself in Lion’s Cage to Demonstrate Divine Protection

In a daring act reminiscent of the biblical tale of Daniel, a pastor ventured into a cage inhabited by three lions to showcase what he believed to be his “divine protection.” The audacious event took place in Nigeria, with the pastor even inviting his congregation to witness the spectacle.

The unnamed pastor aimed to prove that “nothing can happen to a man of God,” according to local media reports. In the video footage, the pastor, dressed in a bright blue suit, can be seen fearlessly interacting with the growling lions inside their enclosure.

At one point, he extends his arm into the mouth of one of the lions, displaying unwavering confidence while looking directly at the camera. His actions appear to be an attempt to recreate the biblical account of Daniel, who emerged unscathed from a lion’s den, thanks to divine intervention.

The video of this risky stunt quickly went viral, prompting a response from Kenyan Member of Parliament Ronald Karauri, age 45. He offered to cover all expenses and suggested sending the pastor to the Maasai Mara National Reserve to attempt a similar feat with wild lions.

MP Karauri stated, “I volunteer to take him to the Maasai Mara please, all expenses paid. We look for the lions, and he can go walk with them.”

Reactions from locals and online viewers varied. Some challenged the pastor to replicate the stunt in Maasai Mara, known for its wild lions, while others pointed out that the lions in the video appeared to be cubs, not fully grown adults.

One individual humorously suggested putting their dog in the cage for a minute, while another speculated that the pastor entered the cage after the lions had been fed. Some viewers also questioned the authenticity of the growling sounds added to the video’s soundtrack.

The daring act by the pastor sparked a mix of amazement, skepticism, and calls for a more formidable demonstration among those who witnessed it online.

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