Man Who Married a Rag Doll Confronted by Ex-Girlfriend on Live TV

A man who entered into matrimony with a rag doll found himself facing his ex-girlfriend’s disapproval on live television, where she challenged him for using her as an excuse for his unorthodox wedding.

Cristian Montenegro exchanged vows with his unconventional choice of bride, Natalia Ortiz, just two months ago. In an even more surreal twist, the couple welcomed their third “rag doll” baby into their family.

The 27-year-old resident of Bogotá, Colombia, is often spotted strolling through the streets with his rag doll family in tow.

Montenegro claims that he “met” Natalia shortly before ending his relationship with his then-girlfriend, Karen Rodriguez. He contended that Natalia played a pivotal role in helping him overcome the heartache of their breakup.

However, Karen reportedly resented being used as a scapegoat for her ex-boyfriend’s unconventional decisions and took the opportunity to confront him on live television.

According to Karen, her relationship with Cristian began roughly two years ago while they were coworkers. Initially, everything seemed normal, but the relationship took a bizarre turn when she discovered Cristian’s burgeoning friendship with his future rag-doll wife.

She recalled, “I went out with him, I don’t know if it was in 2021 or 2022, but I went to his house and had such a shock. I saw a doll. I got scared, I got nervous.”

Karen also expressed her anger over Cristian’s unauthorized use of her name and image on social media. She stated, “He used my name, my photos, and my surname on social media. He blamed me for breaking up with him. I thought he was different, a normal person, that we were going to go out and make nice plans, go to the movies, eat something. I’ve never seen someone with that behavior.”

Cristian attempted to explain that he chose to be with Natalia after the breakup, using the doll as a means to cope. He assured Karen that he wanted to leave her in peace.

The confrontation ended with a heartfelt hug, and both parties left the TV studio on amicable terms.

In a previous interview, Cristian opened up about his unique family situation, stating, “I was alone and couldn’t find anyone in my life. I decided to invent and create my family so we could all be here together in this adulthood that I am having. If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone. At least I have something. With my Natalia, we watch TV and talk about everything. They don’t know how much I love her.”

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