Instagram Users Creeped Out by Bizarre Manicure Featuring Moving Eyeballs

A nail salon’s latest manicure creation has fascinated and horrified Instagram users. Nail Sunny, a chain with 16 stores worldwide, is known for its eccentric nail designs. It has previously made headlines with “pus”-filled zits and even live fish incorporated into nail art. Their recent creation, featuring moving eyeballs, generates a mix of reactions and could serve as Halloween inspiration.

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In a video clip that has garnered 110,000 views and over 800 likes, the manicure showcases long nude-pink coloured nails adorned with two “eyeballs” that move towards the camera. The post provides details of the process: it starts with the manicurist filing down the original nail, which is initially designed in a solid matte black. After sanding and smoothing the cuticle, glue is applied, and a dot of white paint is used to craft an eyeball complete with a blue iris. The nails are then painted with a nude-pink tone, and texture is carefully added around the eye, finishing with two swivelling eyeballs on each nail.

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Instagram users have flooded the comments section with various reactions, many expressing their horror. Some reactions include:

  • Bahare Zeraati: “Although it’s awful, the artist was talented because it looks real.”
  • Sokhna May: “This is sickening.”
  • Johana Osorior: “Ew.”
  • Katie: “Christ, pretty tame for these guys!”
  • Another user: “What a freak.”
  • One user: “Looks terrible!”
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Nail Sunny has a history of creating controversial and baffling nail art designs, including ones featuring dead shrimp, lactating boobs, and tequila and edible food.


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