Influencer Pops Balloons Online for Balloon Fetish Enthusiasts, Claims £24,000 Monthly Earnings

Daniella Motta, a content creator with a substantial following on Instagram, has unveiled her unconventional method of income – popping balloons online to cater to individuals with balloon fetishes. With over 50,600 followers on her Instagram account, Daniella claims that this unusual venture brings in approximately £24,000 ($30,000 USD) per month.

The 21-year-old influencer reportedly stumbled upon this unique income source when one of her fans requested that she play with a balloon by bursting it using her buttocks. Initially, she believed it was a birthday-related request but soon realized that many people find such interactions sexually arousing.

Daniella explains that her service caters to the fetish known as inflatophilia, where individuals derive sexual gratification from interactions with inflatables, including balloons, blow-up dolls, or other inflatable adult toys. This fetish also falls under the broader category of objectophilia or objectum-sexuality, where individuals experience sexual or romantic attraction to inanimate objects.

According to Daniella, she pops over 20 balloons each week for paying fans online. The requests vary, with some fans asking her to caress the balloons and rub against them, while others request that she blow and pop them with the force of her hands. Daniella emphasizes that she takes these requests seriously and respects each person’s fetishes.

She acknowledges that her initial foray into this unconventional content creation resulted in increased views on her videos and attractive financial returns. Daniella has recently shared images of herself posing sensually with bundles of balloons on her Instagram, sparking engagement and comments from her followers.

Despite the unconventional nature of her content, Daniella has garnered a dedicated online following and reportedly earns a substantial income from fulfilling these unique requests from balloon fetish enthusiasts.

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