‘I Separated from My Ethereal Spouse – Now Haunted by Bizarre Apparitions’

A woman who gained notoriety for her unconventional ‘marriage’ to a ghost has disclosed that her former spectral partner has been pursuing her relentlessly, despite their highly publicized ‘divorce’ earlier this year.

Brocarde, a singer-songwriter hailing from Oxfordshire, found herself enamored with Edwardo, the apparition of a Victorian soldier, in late 2021 when he mysteriously materialized in her residence.

However, their union was marked by a tumultuous relationship, fraught with allegations of infidelity and Edwardo’s habit of ‘ghosting’ her for extended periods. This summer, Brocarde decided to end the unconventional marriage and even underwent an exorcism to rid herself of the spirit.

For a brief interlude, she basked in what she described as “blissful” months without Edwardo. Yet, suspicions began to creep in that the ghostly figure had re-entered her life, often cloaking himself in other identities.

While Brocarde made efforts to forge connections with living men, she contends that her ex continues to haunt her.

“I believed I had embarked on a new phase of my life devoid of spectral entanglements,” Brocarde revealed to NeedToKnow.co.uk. “It was only when I contemplated moving on that unsettling and eerie occurrences began to unfold.”

She recounted a post-divorce trip to Paris, where she encountered someone she believed to be ‘Fabienne,’ according to his self-proclaimed identity. “I was strolling along the banks of the Seine, beneath the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, sheltered beneath my umbrella as raindrops cascaded around me. Then, in a puddle’s reflection, I spotted him—a Frenchman. I tilted my umbrella to gaze around, but no one was in sight. When I looked back at the puddle, the man was as clear as day.”

Brocarde alleges that the ghost initially posed as a chef named Fabienne and later followed her home. “A romance with a Parisian ghost seemed too perfect to be true. He ultimately unveiled himself as Edwardo—it was a honey trap all along. I couldn’t fathom being catfished by a ghost.”

Since then, she claims that Edwardo has continued to harass her while assuming different identities. “Following the encounter in France, Edwardo once again vanished. Cautiously, I began dating living individuals. Upon returning home from a date with a bouquet of flowers, Edwardo found it amusing to decapitate all the roses and scatter the petals on my bed. He has even acquired the ability to play ‘Careless Whisper’ on a saxophone—presumably him—as the sound reverberates in the distance during my candlelit baths.”

Brocarde continued, “He’s become increasingly possessive, especially as I express interest in dating a modern man. Realizing that his Victorian attire no longer captivates me, he’s gone to great lengths to win me over. He’s even undergone a contemporary makeover, presenting himself as a Ken doll. I thought I was losing my mind when I saw him with cropped blond hair and a pink suit. However, I recognized him by his sunken, haunted eyes, which locked onto mine as he gradually reverted to his rugged Victorian soldier guise.”

While Brocarde is eager to move forward with a living partner, she has been informed that she possesses a “special gift” that enables her to connect with the deceased. Despite her open-mindedness regarding the spirit world, she remains horrified by Edwardo’s antics.

She admitted, “It’s terrifying, which is precisely why I sought his exorcism. A medium informed me that Edwardo would forever remain by my side, a notion I struggle to accept. I feel that I no longer consent to Edwardo’s presence, and detaching him from me has proven challenging.”

For now, her focus is on her career as a singer-songwriter, having released a post-divorce track titled ‘Just Another Anthem.’

Brocarde concluded, “It’s time for me to concentrate on my singing and songwriting. Edwardo has undoubtedly provided me with ample inspiration, and for that, I’m grateful. Looking ahead, I believe it’s time to embrace warmth and life. Skeletons and deceased men may appear alluring, but in reality, they are frigid, capricious, and unsettling.”

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