Woman makes amazing healthy dishes with unusual ingredients – including hummus brownies and Big Mac salads

A woman from Perth, Australia, has gained popularity for her unique and healthy take on junk food recipes. Miranda Brady has been sharing her recipes online for almost a decade, inspired by her focus on fitness. She began posting her recipes on TikTok as an online platform to inspire women. Her followers, who number at 282,000, love her healthy spin on fan favourites such as McDonald’s Big Mac and brownies made out of chickpeas. Miranda even shared her unique recipe for chickpea blondies which went viral, garnering over 504,000 views.

The accountant has received positive feedback from her audience and says that the cheesecakes and brownies made from chickpeas are a great, healthy sweet treat. In the viral chickpea brownie recipe, she blended chickpeas, peanut butter, maple syrup, and baking powder before topping it with mini eggs and shreds of chocolate. The recipe has over 32,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Miranda shares her videos online after noticing how popular healthy recipes have become on the internet. The community she built started organically as people began remaking her recipes. Miranda uses her videos as a visual diary and creative outlet, especially since her career lacks creativity.

Aside from the chickpea brownies, Miranda has also shared other recipes for healthy alternatives like Biscoff cheesecakes. Lauren has shared a recipe for a healthy alternative to the McDonald’s Big Mac called Big Mac Salad, which is a light version of the fast-food chain’s signature burger. Miranda’s followers appreciate her healthy spin on fan favourites and look forward to her next recipe.

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