Unveiling the Enigmatic 1960s Abandoned Mansion with a Historic Totem Pole and Unusual Spa

Calling all admirers of the hippie era, gather around.

An intrepid explorer has granted us a glimpse inside a mansion constructed in the 1960s, revealing its unique and eccentric features, including a totem pole in the garden and an unconventional basement spa.

Dave, a renowned urban explorer known as Freaktography, with a substantial online following of over 83,800, stumbled upon this lakefront property located in Ontario, Canada.

Dave estimates the property’s value to be just under £3 million ($5 million CAD).

Despite significant signs of decay, this remarkable home, built in 1968, still retains its allure.

“This extraordinary abandoned mansion, purchased for nearly $5 million, showcases a remarkable totem pole positioned at the back of the property,” Dave shared with NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“The totem pole is a Haida carving crafted to commemorate Canada’s 1967 centennial.

“As part of the country’s celebrations, activities, and events marking its 100th anniversary of confederation, this totem pole was erected on the property. It stands at an impressive height of 32 feet with a diameter of 18 inches.

“Traditionally, totem poles possess a ‘life’ and should not be painted or repaired. They stand until they naturally fall, which explains why the totem pole here has entered an advanced state of deterioration.”

Dave further revealed that a heritage statement recommends removing the existing supports for the pole and placing it on the ground, allowing it to gradually decompose and “return to the earth.”

While no documentation regarding the pole’s origin has been found, Dave speculates that it has been a part of the property since its construction.

The ground floor of the mansion bathes in natural light, as its windows offer captivating views of the glistening lake, creating a truly breathtaking sight.

Descending into the basement, Dave uncovers astonishing features, including a wine cellar, library, and an indoor swimming pool that conceals a mysterious apparatus.

The pool area features peculiar buttons with various options such as “sun, steam, rain, towel light, warm breeze, and ambiance.”

Puzzled by the device, Dave shares, “It has this contraption where you can hang a towel, and it appears as though you can lie down in it.

“I have no idea what’s going on here, what this thing is, or its purpose.

“I’ve never encountered anything quite like it.”

While the exact function of this feature remains uncertain, Dave speculates that it may have served as a type of sauna.

The captivating video showcasing the property’s exploration on YouTube has garnered over 4,100 views thus far.

Enthusiastic viewers expressed their awe and admiration for the mansion and its surroundings.

Kara exclaimed, “This house is incredible. One of my all-time favorites. The view… I don’t think I could ever leave the house—I can’t take my eyes off the water!” [sic].

Suzanne wrote, “What an extraordinary mansion! I wouldn’t want to leave this beauty. The views are so delightful. Thank you for the tour.”

Rachel added, “The home is exquisite, especially the room with the fireplace and the stunning lake view.”

James shared, “I’ve never seen a sauna like that before. I looked it up, and it appears to be an ‘infrared’ sauna. How is it that places like this remain abandoned?”

Becki commented, “The stonework is exquisite! The pool’s peculiar feature is intriguing. It’s a shame they couldn’t renovate it, as it is a truly beautiful home.”

Trisha pondered, “I’m guessing the sauna also doubles as a steam room and possibly a tanning area? And even if they had left you some wine, would you have left it behind?”

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