Marble Arch marks Coronation with a majestic crown installation

To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, Marble Arch London BID has installed a giant 16ft bespoke replica of the St Edward’s Crown that forms a key element in the ceremony on Saturday 6 May.

The replica crown – weighing 300kg and incorporating 36 different coloured glass stones – is on display at Marble Arch until Thursday 11 May. Visitors can take photos with the crown and scan the QR code around the installation to learn more about Marble Arch’s royal connections.

The bespoke crown is located at Marble Arch, near Speakers’ Corner, a short stroll from the Hyde Park screening sites where the ceremony and procession will be shown on four large screens on Saturday 6 May.

Since John Nash’s original designs for Marble Arch were conceived in 1826, the monument has had a strong association with Coronations and the processions of new monarchs to and from Westminster Abbey over nearly 200 years. Despite being moved from its original location at Buckingham Palace to its current home in the early 1850s, Marble Arch has played a key role in the Coronation processions of the current King’s grandfather, King George VI in 1937 and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

The Marble Arch crown has been designed to represent the current St Edward’s Crown – made for King Charles II in 1661 – which will be placed on King Charles III’s head by the Archbishop of Canterbury towards the end of the Coronation ceremony. The giant replica is also adorned with lights which will create a stunning illuminated display during the evening.

Kay Buxton, Chief Executive, Marble Arch London BID, comments: “Marble Arch has a long and celebrated history of Royal Coronations from the monument’s early creation to Queen Elizabeth II’s ceremony in 1953. We could think of no better way to pay tribute to King Charles III’s Coronation than to install this fantastic and stunningly realistic attraction for all to enjoy as they venture to this part of London in the days before and after this very special Royal occasion.

“Alongside the exciting visual display, we hope visitors can learn more about Marble Arch’s long connection with the Royal Family as well as its wider role in some of the nation’s biggest events. We look forward to welcoming the thousands of visitors expected in London in the days around the Coronation weekend and hope they are able to enjoy the wide variety of attractions we have in this part of London.”

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