Former prisoner confesses to serving human meat empanadas to guards during prison uprising

An ex-convict has revealed that human meat empanadas were fed to captive guards during a murderous prison riot. The Twelve Apostles, a group of men, attempted a jailbreak on March 30, 1996, but instead went on an eight-day rampage that resulted in the murder of eight people and the abduction of 17 hostages. The prisoners were divided into two factions, and a deadly internal war ensued. Los Aruinaguachos leader Agapito Lencina was among the fatalities.

His killers accused him of being an informant for the prison authorities, who also systematically raped the relatives of other inmates. The Twelve Apostles surrendered at the Penal Unit Number 2 of Sierra Chica in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at the time, the gang members received prison sentences of between 12 and 15 years. Ariel Acuña, known as ‘The Gypsy,’ was among the Twelve Apostles during the riot.

The ex-convict, who now hosts his own YouTube channel, admitted that they cooked human meat empanadas. Acuña said, “I’m not proud to say it, but I was one of the cooks. We made them with a buttock. Ten empanadas were made. We gave them to the guards to eat, they said it had a sweet taste. While they were eating them, we told them, “You just ate a criminal.” He added that they will carry the memory for the rest of their lives, but at the time, they were angry lions.

Acuña said that the conflict started as an escape attempt, but Agapito was the leader of the other gang, and he also raped inmates and their mothers and sisters. He continued, “We couldn’t allow that. He was a bloodthirsty soul. He owed several deaths. That’s why war broke out between prisoners. No guard died.” He added that he is currently writing a book about the riot and will continue to reveal details of what really happened on his social media pages. He also stated that The Twelve Apostles, who numbered more than 12, never played football with Lencina’s head, despite the fact that the myth is still being referenced today.

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