Flight attendant shares secrets from her job including food, sleep and hidden camera checks

A 22-year-old flight attendant has revealed some of her secrets, from what she eats and where she sleeps, to checking for hidden cameras in hotels. Esther Sturrus has been working as a flight attendant for both TUI and KLM since 2019, which involves checking into hotels across the world. To ensure her safety, Esther always checks for hidden cameras in her hotel room. In a viral TikTok video, she shared her thorough checking process with viewers, including pressing on mirrors to check for anything unusual, and searching the shower, fire alarm edges, curtains, drawers, and TV.

Users responded to Esther’s video with their own tips for checking hotel rooms, including shining a flashlight at clocks to check for cameras, and looking in the vents. Esther said that fortunately, she has never found a hidden camera in her room, but she continues to look just in case. She also shared some of the places she checks most often, including alarm clocks, smoke detectors, lamps and lights, mirrors, and thermostats.

In addition to checking for hidden cameras, Esther also shared what it’s like to eat and sleep as a flight attendant. She said that they eat the same food and drink as passengers at times, and that she usually packs light snacks like hummus and apples. The most important thing for her is to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Esther also revealed that not many people know that flight attendants sleep on board during long-haul flights. There is a crew rest area above the luggage compartments, which is just a flat bed with a pillow and curtain. Esther said it’s not glamorous, but they love it.

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