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Where to watch Shamrock FC 347: Ettling vs Midkiff MMA on FITE

Watch Shamrock FC 347 on FITE. In the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), few events generate as much anticipation and excitement as a high-stakes showdown between two skilled fighters. One such electrifying contest that had fans on the edge of their seats was the clash between Scott Ettling and Auhston Midkiff in the live-streamed spectacle, Shamrock FC 347.

This riveting bout brought together two talented athletes, each determined to prove their mettle inside the cage.

Date: Saturday 07.22.2023

Time: 08:30 PM ET

Venue: Ameristar Casino

Location: St. Charles, Missouri, United States

Bout Billing: Main Event

Pro/Am: Professional

Live Stream: Order on FITE (worldwide)

Scott Ettling vs Auhston Midkiff: Shamrock FC 347 Preview

Scott Ettling and Auhston Midkiff, both respected MMA fighters in their own right, stepped into the octagon at Shamrock FC 347 with impressive records and a thirst for victory.

Scott “The Prodigy” Ettling, a rising star in the welterweight division, had garnered attention for his technical precision and adaptability in previous bouts. With a record of 11 wins and only 3 losses, Ettling was determined to showcase his skills once again and climb higher in the ranks of the sport.

Auhston “The Beast” Midkiff, on the other hand, was no stranger to tough competition. With 9 wins and 4 losses, Midkiff possessed a formidable striking game, making him a dangerous opponent inside the cage. His aggressive style and knockout power had earned him a dedicated fan base, eager to see him in action

The Hype Leading to Shamrock FC 347

Shamrock FC, known for its high-quality matchups and entertaining fight cards, had already created a buzz around the event leading up to Ettling vs. Midkiff. Both fighters had faced impressive opponents in the past and had shown a willingness to engage in thrilling battles, leading fans and pundits to preict an explosive contest.

The live-streamed aspect of the event further elevated the excitement, as fans from around the world could witness the action in real-time. The anticipation of witnessing these two skilled warriors go head-to-head in a high-octane bout had fans eagerly marking their calendars for the event.

The Fight: A Clash of Skill and Determination

As the fight night arrived, the atmosphere was electric. The live stream attracted a global audience, all eager to witness the potential fight of the night. Ettling and Midkiff entered the cage, each exuding confidence and determination.

The opening rounds were a testament to the fighters’ abilities, as both Ettling and Midkiff displayed excellent striking and grappling techniques. Ettling’s calculated approach allowed him to land precise shots, while Midkiff’s aggressive style tested Ettling’s defensive capabilities.

As the fight progressed, the pace intensified, with each fighter refusing to back down. The crowd, both at the venue and watching via live stream, roared in excitement as the two warriors exchanged powerful blows and showcased their resilience.

Watch Shamrock FC 347 live PPV fight online

Live coverage of Shamrock FC 347, taking place on July 22 at Ameristar Casino, Resort & Spa in St. Charles, Missouri, will be broadcast on FITE. The evening’s headline event, Scott Ettling vs. Aushton Midkiff, will cap off a roster that has more than a dozen bouts. 

Shamrock FC 347 Full Fight Card

  • Scott Ettling vs Aushton Midkiff
  • Max Choriev vs Zack Davis
  • Jackson McVey vs James Regina
  • Pete DeLeon vs Thomas Thatcher
  • Gabe Stein vs Nuriel Henry
  • Kody McGehee vs Jordan Kryfka
  • Dalton Hudson vs Dylan Hatley
  • Alec Reid vs Jay Jones
  • Hannah Lavely vs Kayla Williams
  • Ashley Annette vs Morgan Walgren
  • Cody Post vs Anthony Gillock
  • Zach Lowe vs Amanuel Aleta
  • Colin Parker vs Matt Franks
  • Reggie Morris vs Colton Rodgers

In the later rounds, Scott Ettling began to find his rhythm, utilizing his superior grappling skills to gain an advantage over Midkiff. Ettling’s ground game proved to be a pivotal factor, as he executed a well-timed takedown that allowed him to control Midkiff on the mat.

Despite Midkiff’s valiant efforts to escape and retaliate, Ettling’s technical prowess and strategic dominance secured him a unanimous decision victory. The fight demonstrated Ettling’s versatility as a fighter and solidified his position as a promising contender in the welterweight division.

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