Transforming Gifting: Steppr Debuts Innovative Voucher Gifting for App Users

Steppr, the innovative platform where customers can purchase exclusive vouchers from independent enterprises, has unveiled ‘Gifting’. This feature allows customers to send vouchers as thoughtful presents effortlessly with a simple tap. This unique gifting service provides users with the ability to send vouchers directly to their chosen recipients, further enhancing Steppr’s utility for both customers and businesses.

This latest gifting feature aligns with Steppr’s overarching aim to offer a genuinely beneficial service to customers while actively supporting businesses. Discover more about Steppr at

Steppr For App Customers: Economise & Support Independent Businesses.

  • Exclusive Offers: Get your hands on unique vouchers only available via Steppr’s apps.
  • Loyalty Benefits: Enjoy immediate and increasing discounts.
  • Easy Gifting: Effortlessly send personalised, affordable gifts on-the-go.
  • App Download: Visit

Steppr For Businesses: Harnessing a Robust Voucher System.

  • All-Encompassing Voucher System: Manage issuance, track campaigns, market, redeem, and more.
  • Authentic Loyalty: Create campaigns to foster repeat voucher buying.
  • Cost-Effective: Zero upfront fees, commission-free vouchers, and no hidden charges.
  • Business Sign-Up: Quickly set up an account at

Steppr is committed to empowering businesses by offering an intuitive platform for comprehensive voucher management and loyalty-centric marketing strategies. Our services are tailored for all business sizes, especially for those looking for additional revenue avenues without the heavy demands of sales and marketing initiatives.

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