Refill Express: Streamlining Eco-Friendly Shopping with Ease

Formerly known as Cozy & Green, Refill Express, the pioneering zero-waste refill shopping service, has undergone a rebranding to better encapsulate its mission of simplifying sustainable living. This London-based startup is revolutionising eco-friendly shopping by offering a convenient avenue for customers to shop package-free from local refill stores, with a unique system of reusable containers that are collected, refilled, and delivered straight to their doorstep.

Salmen Hichri, CEO of Refill Express, remarked, “We’re excited to introduce Refill Express, a name that better reflects our mission of making zero-waste refill shopping easy and accessible for everyone. Our new name clearly conveys our dedication to simplifying eco-friendly shopping.”

The Refill Express app empowers customers to order a wide range of pantry staples, cleaning supplies, personal care products, and more, all from the company’s network of zero-waste partners. After selecting their desired products, users can schedule a carbon-neutral pickup of their reusable containers. These containers are then taken to the partner stores, refilled, and subsequently returned to the customers’ homes.

This innovative approach aligns seamlessly with the UK’s ongoing battle against single-use plastics. With the UK government aiming to eliminate avoidable plastic waste by 2042 and phase out unrecyclable plastics by 2025, Refill Express plays a pivotal role in supporting this national endeavor by promoting waste reduction and bolstering local businesses.

By embracing Refill Express, consumers not only contribute actively to sustainability by minimising single-use plastics but also extend their support to local businesses. What’s more, the platform offers substantial savings, with the potential to reduce grocery bills by up to 40%.

Hichri highlighted, “We’re confident Refill Express will resonate with eco-conscious Londoners seeking affordable, convenient solutions. Our rebrand underscores our commitment to simplify sustainable living for all. We look forward to growing our impact by partnering with more local refill stores.”

Refill Express stands firm in its mission to empower households to seamlessly adopt circular living. The startup has its sights set on expanding its eco-friendly product range and collaborating with additional zero-waste stores not only in London but beyond. By fostering a sense of community, supporting local shops, and providing a simple avenue for circular shopping, Refill Express aspires to shape a future where sustainable living is second nature.

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