Woman’s Controversial Dating Rules Spark Online Debate

A woman’s set of dating rules has garnered attention online, with some users praising her “realistic standards” while others find them “pretentious.” Tam Kaur, a 22-year-old from Birmingham, shared her dating tips in a viral TikTok video. In the video, Tam outlines eight rules she follows for dating and romance, including stalking potential suitors on social media before meeting them and setting a seven-day limit for suitors to ask for an in-person meet-up. She believes that following these rules has improved her personal life and career and contributed to her current relationship success.

While some users appreciate her standards, others find them too strict or perceive them as lacking humility. Tam’s goal is to “normalise high standards” and encourage women not to settle for less than they deserve in relationships. She believes that setting boundaries based on past negative experiences can lead to healthier and happier relationships. Tam’s tips have resonated with many women, prompting them to reconsider their dating habits and standards.

Online reactions to Tam’s rules have been varied, with some users agreeing that they are realistic and others finding them too demanding. The debate highlights the differing perspectives and attitudes towards dating standards and expectations in modern relationships.

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