Woman Who Identifies as Extraterrestrial Discomforted by Human Form, Yearns for Multiple Appendages

In an unconventional twist of identity, a woman who self-identifies as an extraterrestrial expresses her profound discomfort with her human embodiment. Lhouraii Li, hailing from Bradford, England, gained prior notoriety for her distinctive makeup rituals, dedicating hours each day to tint her skin azure in a quest to embody the essence of an alien being.

Embarking on this transformational journey over half a decade ago, this self-proclaimed extraterrestrial contends that she undeniably identifies as an alien and fervently desires to manifest her authentic form.

Through Instagram (@lhouraii), she has garnered a substantial following, amassing over 13,700 ardent admirers.

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Li, the 33-year-old trailblazer, articulates her sense of displacement: “I harbour an unmistakable belief that I was inadvertently ensconced within a human corporeal vessel. While it may not have been a fortuity, this disposition remains profoundly foreign to me, even after numerous years.”

She reveals her profound discomfort with the human physique, particularly her assortment of limbs, musing, “I would unreservedly opt for possessing multiple tendrils or simply existing as an ethereal, luminous orb.”

From a tender age, Li’s innate sense of peculiarity set her apart, engendering an enduring sentiment of not truly belonging. Her affection for extraterrestrial life blossomed after being introduced to the 1960s television series “Star Trek,” where she even acquired proficiency in Klingon, an extraterrestrial dialect.

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Reflecting on her unconventional trajectory, she confides, “My semblance has consistently rendered me an outlier; during my formative years, I futilely attempted to assimilate, but my attempts invariably proved futile. Perceptibly, individuals have habitually treated me as an interloper. Numerous aspects of human existence confound me, and the omnipresent force of gravity vexes me.”

While not consciously segregating herself from fellow humans, Li has gradually withdrawn into solitude, electing to share her company exclusively with her partner, Nathan, and her cherished pets. She elaborates, “Humanity is inclined toward the harsh judgment of those who deviate from the norm. My resolve to suppress my genuine self for the sake of others’ comfort grew weary. Moreover, I have encountered hostility from certain individuals, thus incurring an innate wariness of human company. Consequently, I find solace in the companionship of my partner, canine and feline.”

Describing her daily ritual of painting her skin with an azure hue, Li divulges her method of attaining a modicum of comfort within her human shell. This process includes the addition of paper mache horns, elvish ears, contact lenses, and a wig to complete her extraordinary appearance.

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She further expounds, “Upon my initial foray into this transformative journey many years hence, I christened it ‘aoinba,’ signifying ‘blue gyaru.’ Subsequently, a few years elapsed, giving rise to an alternative genre within Japanese fashion, known as ‘ishokuhada’ or ‘rainbow skin.’ Henceforth, my endeavours can be aptly characterized under this terminology.”

Li’s Instagram presence garners considerable admiration, with select videos amassing over 450,000 views. Admirers shower her with accolades and words of encouragement.

Cierra effuses, “Your grace is ever-present; encountering your videos bestows fortune upon me.”

Another enthusiast exclaims, “Your beauty is transcendent, an extraordinary marvel.”

Natalie says, “Your charm is unparalleled, and your voice is a symphony.”

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Li’s unique identity also sparks camaraderie among her followers, with one soulfully remarking, “Your allure resonates deeply with me; perhaps we share an origin on the same celestial plane.”

Intriguingly, Li’s journey towards embracing her extraterrestrial essence continues to captivate and inspire her followers, affirming the boundless potential of individuality.


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