Woman Shares Terrifying Date Experience as a Warning to Others

A woman has taken to TikTok to share her harrowing experience of a first date gone wrong, hoping to serve as a cautionary tale for other women.

Kayla Harrell encountered the mystery man at a social event before arranging to meet him later. Initially, the 27-year-old found him to be a “completely normal” and gentlemanly individual, unaware of the terrifying events that would unfold.

Using her TikTok account (@kaybertina), Kayla shared her disturbing encounter, which garnered nearly one million views from shocked viewers.

Kayla revealed, “The date started going awry even before it began.” The finance associate explained that she typically drives herself or uses Uber for safety reasons, preferring not to disclose her home address. However, her date insisted on picking her up, disregarding her concerns.

She reluctantly shared her address, and the date arrived in a convertible, bearing a bouquet of red roses. This grand gesture made Kayla feel uneasy.

The pair went to dinner in Los Angeles, and afterward, the date suggested a drive down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Despite declining the offer and expressing her desire to be taken home, the date took an alarming turn.

Kayla recounted, “At this point, I’m extremely scared and vulnerable because I have no idea where he’s taking me. Thoughts of being kidnapped race through my mind.” The date then proposed watching a movie at his place, but Kayla declined, citing an early morning ahead.

Undeterred, he entered his home address into the GPS, and the driving became increasingly aggressive. The date sped, swerved through lanes, and ran red lights.

Upon arriving at the date’s house, Kayla reiterated her desire to go home. Unfortunately, the situation escalated further, with the man allegedly making racist remarks.

Kayla shared, “He slides over to cuddle me, but I cross my arms and adjust to make it uncomfortable for him, hoping he’ll move away. He asks me about my race, specifically what I’m mixed with. I respond that I believe I’m just Black. He then proceeds to make comments like, ‘You don’t look full Black; you’re lucky you don’t have those features.'”

Feeling sick and disgusted, Kayla reluctantly moved closer to him. As soon as the movie ended, she quickly stated that she needed to leave.

As they returned to the car, the driver once again sped recklessly through the streets. Kayla admitted, “At first, I really thought I was going to get kidnapped. I thought he was going to hurt me, or we would crash the car and both die. But I made it home alive and got out of the car immediately.”

Understandably, Kayla never contacted her date again. Sharing her story on TikTok, she aimed to raise awareness about dating safety, leaving viewers stunned.

Her experience serves as a reminder for women to prioritize their well-being and be cautious when dating. Kayla hopes her story will empower others to stand firm on their dating rules and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

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