UK’s ‘Real-Life Rapunzel’ Unveils Secrets Behind Her £250,000 Hair and 15-Hour Weekly Haircare Routine

Jasmine Larsen, a Bristol-based woman known as Britain’s real-life Rapunzel, has disclosed the extensive care behind her impressive 4ft 7ins-long hair, dedicating 15 hours weekly to its maintenance.

The Instagram influencer (@jasmine_lars), boasting 100,000 followers, has garnered significant attention since she ceased haircuts in 2017. Her remarkable mane has attracted over a hundred marriage proposals and a £250,000 offer to cut it.

Speaking with, Jasmine detailed the rigorous routine required to keep her calf-length hair in pristine condition.

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She spends an hour oiling her scalp and hair before washing, which takes 40 minutes. Post-wash involves 30 minutes of microfibre towel drying, followed by 30 minutes of brushing and an hour with a hairdryer. The hair is then left loose to dry naturally over six hours.

Her interim regimen, carried out six times weekly, includes brushing, oil application, and basic braiding, each session lasting about 40 minutes.

Additionally, twice weekly, she spends 30 minutes unbraiding, oiling, brushing, and rebraiding before sleep.

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Jasmine dedicates nearly 15 hours weekly to hair care, including a monthly split-end inspection.

Despite the time-consuming nature of her routine, Jasmine views it as a worthwhile investment. She’s even launched her Lars Haircare brand to share her knowledge and passion.

Her social media platform serves as a conduit for haircare tips, engaging followers captivated by her locks. Some admirers have expressed their infatuation through marriage proposals.

Reflecting on the proposals, Jasmine said, “When I reached 100,000 followers, I started receiving numerous marriage proposals, likely because I’m single, have long hair, and am perceived as sweet. Despite feeling bad about rejecting them, I’ve clarified that I’m not interested in marriage and prefer it to happen organically.”

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