Seeking ‘Ordinary’ Residents for 575 Bunker Doomsday Community

A unique doomsday community is actively recruiting residents to occupy its 575 bunker neighbourhood, capable of accommodating up to 10,000 people.

Nestled in the Black Hills mountains in South Dakota, USA, this former military base, stretching over 18 miles, was initially used for storing bombs and munitions from 1942 until 1967.

This base has been repurposed into habitable bunkers, aiming to serve as an “epic humanitarian survival project” accessible to the affluent and the “average” person.

Prospective residents can now secure their place in anticipation of future chaos.

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Dante Vicino, Executive Director of Vivos, described the initiative to as a comprehensive preparedness effort for any eventuality. “Our members aren’t ‘preppers’ or part of the ‘elite 1%’, but are well-informed, average individuals, conscious of global developments and committed to protecting their families in times of extraordinary crises,” he said.

The economic backgrounds of members vary widely, from lower-middle-class to high-net-worth individuals.

Vivos is a vital contingency plan, a haven when disaster strikes. “In crisis, while others are in disarray, our members will calmly head to their designated shelters, joining a community of like-minded individuals, ready to securely weather any above-ground threats,” Vicino explained.

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Each shelter is designed to operate autonomously for at least a year without surface access.

Vicino highlighted the escalating demand for Vivos shelters, driven by current global tensions, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukrainian conflict, and broader geopolitical instability. “People sense the imminent threat of a third world war, from Russia to China and the Middle East. In these difficult times, having a secure shelter is essential for survival and eventual safe emergence post-crisis,” he stated.

The Vivos Xpoint bunkers are modern, well-furnished, and equipped with essentials in an open-plan layout. The living area includes a sofa, a rug, and a coffee table. At the same time, the kitchen boasts a fridge freezer, microwave, oven, washing machine, and dining table.

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There are four different plans for bedrooms and bathrooms. Plan A features four twin rooms, one double bedroom, and a bathroom. Plan B adds a wet room to the same layout. Plan C includes two twin rooms, a double bedroom, a main bedroom with an en suite, and a bathroom. Plan D offers eight single bedrooms and three bathrooms.

“Inquiries and sales have skyrocketed, with a 2,000% increase in inquiries and over 300% in sales,” Dante reported. “Demand for immediate survival solutions is high, and constructing a new bunker complex can take 9 to 12 months, subject to scale, location, and resource availability. Vivos is more than just a physical shelter; it’s about ensuring humanity’s survival and offering families a chance to be part of a community during these challenging times.”

The US-based compound Vivos Xpoint is complemented by another project, Vivos Europa, located on a German mountain.

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