Plastic Surgeon Suggests President Joe Biden May Have Undergone Facial Procedures Worth $100,000

Dr. Gary Motykie, a renowned plastic surgeon with over 15 years of experience, has gained attention on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok (@drgarymotykie) where he discusses cosmetic surgery and evaluations. In a recent video, Dr. Motykie analyzes the appearance of President Joe Biden’s face, speculating that the President may have undergone plastic surgery procedures including a facelift and brow lift.

Dr. Motykie estimates that if President Biden indeed underwent these procedures in Beverly Hills, the cost could be around $100,000. However, he notes that the actual cost would vary by region and might have been lower when Biden had the alleged surgeries, likely around 20 years ago. In his video analysis, Dr. Motykie points out some signs that suggest older surgical techniques were used, such as unnatural forehead lines and the appearance of “pixie ears” after a facelift.

While Dr. Motykie is primarily known for his work in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, and breast surgery, he acknowledges that cosmetic surgeries on individuals over the age of 45 come with additional considerations and tests due to health factors. He advises against revision surgeries for President Biden, given his age and the potential complications associated with reversing older surgical techniques.

Reactions to Dr. Motykie’s analysis have been varied, with some agreeing that Biden’s appearance has changed significantly, while others attribute his transformation to factors like aging and personal grooming. The video has sparked discussions about the impact of plastic surgery on appearances and perceptions.

Dr. Motykie also emphasizes the importance of medical evaluations and tests for older patients considering surgery, highlighting that anyone over 45 must undergo specific medical checks, clearance from specialists, and comprehensive lab work to ensure their health and safety during surgical procedures.

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