Hunger Games Superfan Watches Films 20 Times, Fears Collection Theft

A dedicated fan of The Hunger Games, Caitlin Jessica, has showcased her remarkable memorabilia collection, featuring rare first-edition books and autographs.

Caitlin, a 22-year-old from Reading, became enamoured with the series after receiving the first book on her 13th birthday. Her collection now boasts over 70 items, including valuable first editions, worth around £1,000.

She’s watched the four movie adaptations more than 20 times and read the trilogy ten times. Her boyfriend, Drew, 30, assists her in acquiring these coveted items affordably.

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Caitlin, a bookseller, shared with, “We’re savvy in finding items online. Many were gifts, while Drew hunts bargains on Vinted and eBay. I’ve gradually focused on higher-value items, thanks to him.”

The most sentimental piece for her is the original book set. Still, she owns first editions valued at up to £250 each and a Tim Palen Hunger Games photo book worth £100.

A recent highlight is the Ultimate Steel Book collection of all films from Lionsgate and a signed card from Natalie Dormer, who her father taught.

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Her TikTok video, with over 559,800 views and 66,400 likes, features prized items like a premiere ticket and a signed postcard from Dormer.

Fellow fans expressed their admiration in the comments. Autumn admires Caitlin’s collection, Ella praises Natalie Dormer’s acting, Gill boasts about a thrift store find, and Andy reminisces about a Hunger Games exhibition. Caitlin cherishes the signed card.

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Caitlin revealed, “My work colleagues and I enjoy sharing our book collections. I’m also collecting Hunger Games Funko Pops. My mum, a fellow series fan, supports my passion, though she thinks I may have too many.”

Determined to expand her collection, Caitlin’s goal is to acquire all the original trilogy’s first editions and prints.


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