Eighties Pop Star Carol Decker Criticizes Waitrose for Using “Cheap” Pollock in Fish Pie”

Eighties pop star Carol Decker, renowned as the lead singer of T’Pau, has voiced her displeasure towards Waitrose for including “cheap” pollock in their upscale fish pie. The 65-year-old singer purchased a £4 ready meal from the high-end supermarket, only to be disappointed by the choice of fish used in the dish.

The Calorie Controlled Fish Pie, which she bought as a treat, contains 22% pollock, along with 7% prawns, cheese, spinach, and mashed potatoes. Carol Decker expressed her frustration after discovering the ingredients at home, calling out the supermarket for its selection of fish.

Expressing her dismay, Carol stated, “Shame on you Waitrose, you’re meant to be the gold standard in food. This is disgusting. I didn’t realize it contained pollock.” She further criticized pollock as the “cheapest, most tasteless nasty fish you can put in a fish pie,” and expressed her disappointment at wasting time and money cooking the meal.

Some fans humorously responded to her rant, suggesting that her complaint should be discussed in the House of Commons and playfully referencing her song titles. Despite the light-hearted responses, Carol Decker’s frustration was evident in her comments.

Last Thursday, the singer revealed that she underwent colon surgery in Oxford to address a benign issue. She praised the colorectal team at the Churchill Hospital for their excellent care and emphasized her positive experience with the NHS.

Waitrose has yet to provide a response to the criticism.

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