2024’s Top Sexual Fetish Unveiled: Giantess or Macrophilia

A recent study has identified Giantess, also known as Macrophilia, as the leading sexual fetish for the year 2024.

This particular kink involves fantasies centred around giants, typically women or large objects. Enthusiasts often fantasize about being minuscule in scenarios involving being crushed, squashed, or carried by a towering woman. However, the specifics can differ significantly.

Despite limited research and societal stigma around this less conventional fantasy, new findings indicate a shift in its reception.

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According to Clips4Sale, which bills itself as “the world’s largest kink and fetish platform”, there’s been a significant surge in searches for related terms.

In the last year, it has become their most searched term and the third most profitable category, witnessing a 36% increase in popularity.

Avery Martin, a spokesperson for Clips4Sale (C4S), commented, “The growing fascination with giant women reflects recent societal trends. Amid debates around masculinity and femininity, women occupy more space in cultural narratives. This shift has fueled interest in femdom content, and no one exemplifies dominance quite like a giantess.”

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Currently, bondage and tickling are the top two fetishes.

However, C4S anticipates that Giantess will soon eclipse these due to its rapidly growing appeal in countries like Japan, Mexico, Australia, and the USA, with significant traction in New York and California.

Remarkably, content featuring “giant women” has amassed nearly one billion views on a social media platform in just a few months.

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Avery further explained, “The rise of creator culture has intensified the divide between creators and consumers. Feeling small compared to a powerful creator idolized by thousands can lead to eroticizing this power imbalance. The giantess perfectly symbolizes the current cultural sentiment.”


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