Urban Explorer Spooked by Ghostly Encounter During Visit to Abandoned WWII Hospital

Chloe Urbex, a 22-year-old urban explorer, stumbled upon an abandoned hospital in Hampshire, England, which had been used to treat wounded soldiers during World War II. While exploring the sprawling building, Chloe uncovered a treasure trove of medical equipment worth thousands of pounds, providing a glimpse into the hospital’s storied history.

Despite much of the hospital having been demolished and redeveloped, certain parts remained untouched, including the iconic spiral staircase, MRI machines, and operating theatres. In the laboratories, Chloe discovered old blood samples, chemicals, and mysterious objects suspended in jars.

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“This location had been on my exploration wishlist for many years,” Chloe shared with NeedToKnow.co.uk. “I learned about it through online documentation by other explorers and paranormal teams and felt compelled to see it myself. It was a thrilling exploration, given the sheer size of the complex.”

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Chloe’s exploration revealed a hospital that had treated Royal Navy pilots and World War II soldiers. It had also served as an asylum for sailors with psychiatric disorders and as a blood bank. Despite being abandoned after its sale to developers, the hospital retained remnants of its past, including MRI machines, X-ray machines, incubation chambers, and laboratory facilities.

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As Chloe wandered through the decaying building, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was not alone. She sensed the presence of otherworldly spirits within the premises. Chloe remarked, “I’m not particularly interested in the paranormal, but we were convinced we were not alone. There were moments when I thought my friends were right behind me when, in reality, I was standing in an empty ward. Footsteps echoed throughout the place, and we even heard faint murmurs of male voices, yet no one was there.”

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This eerie encounter added an unexpected intrigue to Chloe’s exploration of the abandoned WWII hospital.


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