Propertysmiths Ltd Debuts Exclusive Relocation Aid for Effortless Dream Home Moves

Keith Smith, the innovative founder of Propertysmiths Ltd, is transforming the relocation scene for families and individuals embarking on fresh life chapters by leading them to their dream properties.

Drawing from a solid corporate background and his own relocation experiences, Keith has initiated a dedicated property-finding service within Propertysmiths Ltd to facilitate the relocation process, ensuring clients transition smoothly to their desired homes across the UK.

Keith’s successful collaboration with diverse clients, such as a couple from Hong Kong seeking a tranquil retirement home in the UK, demonstrates his adeptness at managing the complex relocation process. Propertysmiths Ltd further elevates its service by managing property renovations and providing personalised support throughout the relocation journey, actualising clients’ housing dreams.

With two decades-plus of corporate experience, including significant roles in procurement and logistics management, and insights gained from Sourced Property on property sourcing strategies, Keith excels in identifying the ideal properties for his clients, accessing both publicly listed and exclusive off-market opportunities.

Keith’s personal journey of relocating to Germany in 2008 and his subsequent return to the UK have endowed him with invaluable insights into the relocation process. “I understand because I have been there,” Keith states. “I know what worked and what could have been better. When people are facing a thousand things to do, having support to make life easier is invaluable.”

The launch of Propertysmiths Ltd’s relocation support service has already seen Keith welcoming three new clients seeking their perfect homes. Keith is fervently committed to providing top-tier assistance and expertise to those stepping into new life phases.

To discover more about the relocation support services provided by Propertysmiths Ltd, contact Keith Smith on LinkedIn  or via email at

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