Former Call Centre Worker Amasses 22 Rental Properties Earning £10,000 Monthly, Credits YouTube for Success

Luigi Newton, who once worked in a call centre, has now built a property empire worth millions, attributing his success to knowledge gained from YouTube.

Opting for a job over university, Newton initially faced his parents’ concerns about his future. However, the 28-year-old from Nottingham has since turned his fortunes around, amassing a property portfolio valued at £5.5 million.

Starting with a single home, Newton’s savvy investment strategies, fuelled by his self-education on YouTube and in books, have led to a total of 22 properties. He began by renting out spare rooms in his first house, supplementing his full-time income and eventually living rent-free, profiting £500 monthly from rentals.

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“My family had different expectations, but I chose my own path,” said Newton, who initially tried his hand at selling imported goods from China on eBay and in school.

The pivotal moment came when he read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” which shifted his focus to wealth accumulation and smart debt management. With £6,000 saved and another £6,000 borrowed from friends and family, he made a 10% deposit on a £120,000 three-bedroom semi-detached house. After a modest refurbishment, he converted the dining room into an additional bedroom to maximize rental income.

Newton capitalized on a seller’s urgency, purchasing the property significantly below market value. He later remortgaged it for its actual worth of £150,000, using the equity to repay his debts with interest and invest in a second property.

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Now, he earns over £120,000 annually in profits from his rentals. His ambition extends to owning 1,000 units, focusing on apartment blocks and student housing.

His key advice is relentless self-education and networking with successful investors, including seeking a knowledgeable mentor. Newton, who now runs a training and mentoring programme called The High Performance Academy, emphasizes the importance of making investment decisions based on numbers rather than emotions.

Reflecting on his journey, he expressed pride in overcoming challenges and making his family proud through his business acumen.

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