Residence of Jennifer Aniston During ‘Friends’ Filming Hits Market at $2.5 Million

An abode where Jennifer Aniston purportedly dwelled while working on the iconic series ‘Friends’ is now available for purchase.

When envisioning the dwelling of the Hollywood luminary who ascended to stardom portraying Rachel, one might conjure images of a two-bedroom, violet-hued abode in the heart of New York City. However, the reality is that the show was shot at diverse locales, including the bustling streets of The Big Apple and the sun-drenched landscapes of California.

During filming, when the now 54-year-old actor was not gracing the set with her presence, she would retreat to a serene Los Angeles Canyon property, currently listed for $2.595 million (approximately £2.1 million).

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This 1930s compound, christened ‘The Crown Jewel,’ boasts four distinct structures: a principal residence, a guest cottage, a poolside abode, and a studio.

The primary dwelling at 2114 Kew Drive offers captivating vistas of Downtown LA and the majestic Pacific Ocean, emanating a tranquil beachside ambience.

The primary residence comprises two bedrooms and two bathrooms, adorned with a tasteful muted hue palette.

Adjacent to it, an A-frame guest lodge, complete with its kitchenette, bathroom, and bedroom, exudes an aesthetic of oak wood accents complemented by black and silver embellishments. It is worth noting that this is the very part of the property that Ms. Aniston tenanted.

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Upon entering the abode, you are greeted by an elongated corridor leading to the residence’s rear, an inviting lounge area, and an extensive kitchen replete with expansive glass windows.

The furnishings within the home are predominantly composed of shades of grey, white, and cream. At the same time, an open hearth adds a touch of cosiness to chilly winter evenings.

Additionally, a separate bungalow boasts two generously sized bedrooms, one with a private balcony and the other featuring a plush sofa.

The lavatories maintain a minimalist design ethos, adorned with striking black and gold accents.

A designated reading nook with a snug armchair, a tasteful table setting, and an amply stocked bookshelf cater to literary enthusiasts.

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The exterior grounds encompass multiple seating enclaves, a refreshing swimming pool accompanied by a pool house, and an array of fitness apparatus.

Finally, a versatile studio, suitable for an office, is adorned with sumptuous leather furnishings, a well-appointed desk, and a bar area replete with stools.

Wendy Moore of Compass Realty currently manages the listing for this remarkable property.


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