The Daring Crocodile Hunter Who Hand-Feeds Reptiles and Names Them After Celebrities

A bold crocodile hunter has shared hair-raising stories of his encounters, including the astonishing act of feeding crocodiles with his bare hands.

Jason Vargas Aguero, captivated by reptiles since he was 10, now at 45, draws parallels between himself and the legendary Steve Irwin. His thrilling experiences with these formidable creatures have been both dangerous and awe-inspiring.

He operates his own tour business and has gained significant attention on TikTok (@jasoncrocodiletours506), with a video recently hitting 15.8 million views.

Jason, hailing from Tarcoles, recounted to his injuries during these close encounters, including hand wounds from hand-feeding the Crocs. Despite occasional fear, he emphasizes his focused and respectful approach.


“I like to see myself as akin to Steve Irwin,” he said.

His company, Jason Crocodile Tours in Costa Rica, has been featured on prominent channels such as Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and BBC London.

Jason has a unique habit of naming the crocodiles he encounters after well-known figures and politicians, with names like Osama, Brad Pitt, Monica Lewinsky, Hilary Clinton, and Tornado.

His TikTok followers are often astounded by his proximity to the animals.

In a viral TikTok, he captures a tense moment where a tour group spots a crocodile mere inches from their boat. The video shows the reptile moving from a sandbank into the water, leaving only its eyes visible as the onlookers watch in apprehension.


This post has amassed over 469,700 likes and more than 900 comments.

Viewer Kiri expressed a palpable sense of wanting to touch the crocodile. At the same time, Kwenza equated the sight of the creature with the feeling death.

Nick humorously remarked on the boat’s safety, followed by a shocked emoji.

Alle hinted at the sudden, unpredictable movements of the crocodile.

Ana and Keisha both commented on the unnerving closeness, with Keisha adding a playful note about the crocodile inviting them into the water.

A follower ominously predicted a tragic outcome one day, while another exclaimed at the craziness of the close encounter.

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