Podium Pet Products Receives Prestigious King’s Award for Enterprise

Podium Pet Products, an international pet food specialist co-founded by three former GB athletes, is celebrating a remarkable achievement as one of the first companies worldwide to be honoured with a business award from King Charles III.

The King’s Award for Enterprise 2023 has been bestowed upon Podium Pet Products, which maintains offices in Berkshire, UK, and Florida, USA. The company, renowned for its popular brands Dog Rocks and Be:Loved, has been recognised for its outstanding performance in international trade by the new monarch.

As one of the 148 organisations to receive the inaugural King’s Award for Enterprise, Podium Pet Products is no stranger to prestigious accolades. In 2016, the company’s notable product Dog Rocks earned them the esteemed Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

The honours programme, now in its 57th year, stands as the most respected business awards in the country, granting successful companies the privilege of displaying the esteemed King’s Awards Emblem for the next five years.

Carina Evans, Co-Founder & CEO of Podium Pet Products, expressed her elation at the company’s recognition, stating, “This is an extraordinary honour for our company and a testament to the hard work, innovation, and inspiration of our talented team.”

She continued, “Having received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise seven years ago was already a marvellous achievement, but to now be among the first UK companies to be honoured with the King’s Award is truly special.”

Podium Pet Products has experienced significant growth in recent years, expanding into international markets with an ever-growing range of pet products. The company’s dedication to international trade has been duly acknowledged through this esteemed award.

Running a business is undoubtedly challenging, with unexpected hurdles surfacing daily. Nevertheless, the Podium Pet Products team is overjoyed to receive such a prestigious accolade. They have always taken pride in expanding relationships with customers and partners while providing an excellent level of service. Now, it’s time to sit down, reflect, and celebrate with the team.

Carina Evans founded the company in 2006 after being introduced to an Australian product called Dog Rocks by a family friend. Podium Pet Products was officially established in 2008 when Andrew and Nick, international polo players, joined Carina in the venture. The company quickly expanded into Europe and later conquered the North American market, where it achieved tremendous success. Today, international trade constitutes over half of the business.

With the resounding success of Dog Rocks, Podium Pet Products ventured into creating natural products. This idea had intrigued Carina for some time, and it was her discovery of an old animal husbandry book, a treasured family heirloom, that served as the catalyst for launching the Be:Loved brand.

Inspired by the book’s recipes for creating treatments and balms from ingredients found in hedgerows and nature’s harvest, Be:Loved became an integral part of the company’s portfolio. The integration of Be:Loved prompted Carina to change the company name from Dog Rocks UK to Podium Pet Products, along with Andrew and Nick.

Reflecting on their international expansion, Carina shared, “Exporting has now become a joy, although it was initially a challenging process, especially in America. Europe is evolving into a less traditional and regional market, attracting younger English-speaking buyers and savvy marketeers, making it more appealing to us.”

The King’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2023 will undoubtedly fuel further growth in all of Podium Pet Products’ markets. It is an accolade that will be cherished as a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence.

For more information about Podium Pet Products, please visit www.podiumpetproducts.com.

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