Jubilant Endangered Chimpanzees Revel in Early Christmas Gifts

A group of endangered chimpanzees at Whipsnade Zoo, the UK’s largest, have been ecstatically unwrapping early Christmas presents provided by their keepers, signifying the commencement of the festive season at the zoo.

These primates eagerly explored their special festive enrichment boxes, searching for hidden treats. This activity was designed to stimulate their natural foraging instincts and problem-solving abilities.

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Grant, an adult male chimpanzee, quickly realized the boxes contained treats and hoarded as many Christmas presents as possible. Meanwhile, Elvis, aged 21, adeptly figured out how to open the boxes, delighting in his preferred healthy snacks of carrots and chickpeas.

Image Jam Press

Guests visiting the UK’s leading conservation zoo can partake in holiday cheer every weekend throughout December and daily from December 16th to 24th. The zoo offers a complete lineup of events and educational talks, with each visit contributing directly to the efforts of ZSL, the global conservation charity. Discover more at www.whipsnadezoo.org.


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